Great Oral Sex Tips to Try with Your Gay Lover

Great sex isn’t just about experiencing penetrative pleasure. With a little practice oral sex can become a sexual main event, or the lead up to a mind-blowing fuck fest.

Great Gay Sex – What’s The Rush?

Unlike quickie sex, which requires little time to release pent up sexual energy, oral sex tends involve patience and a slow and lingering build up. There’s no need to rush when you’re exploring your gay lover’s cock with your hands, lips, and tongue. The whole process should ideally feel like an arousing warm up. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Fleshlights & How Amazing They Are!

Conceived by a highly sexed straight guy back in 1995, Fleshlights are a must-have item for every gay man’s sex toy collection. You can find all the best gay sex toys online at

Online Gay Sex Toy Shop

Inconspicuously shaped to resemble a flashlight, Fleshlights have a capped cylindrical form that reveals an interchangeable soft and flexible, nodule textured inner sleeve that’s designed to wrap around your penis. They deliver intense realistic suction and mind-blowing sensations. Masturbating with the Fleshlight feels like the most amazing blowjob or anal penetration ever! Continue reading

All About Anal Beads

Made from flexible body safe sex toy materials like silicone, plastic, and PVC, anal beads provide a fun and orgasmic interactive sexual experience.

Gay Sex Toys: Anal Beads

This anal sex toy resembles a string of chunky graduated spherical beads that you insert into the anus, and repeatedly take out and re-insert. The intensely pleasurable sensation is uniquely different to using a butt-plug or prostate massager. Especially if your partner slowly pulls out the beads for you! Find the best selection of anal beads on Continue reading

Sex Toys for Long Distance Gay Lovers

Over the last decade, gay sex toys have advanced, keeping pace with technology, which has opened up a whole new world of pleasure to explore. Just as we have seen technological advancement develop with regards to the items we use every day – such as our mobile ‘phones, tablets and computers – so too, gay sex toys have kept pace, to the point that their use can be incorporated with apps that we use on our ‘phones and other devices! Continue reading