Realistic or Non? How Do You Prefer Your Dildos?

How do you like your dildos? Do you have a preference? We know that people like a certain length or girth, but what about shape and colour and feel, do you want to get as close to a real cock as possible, or as far away from it as you can? Let’s explore some of the options available in the world of gay sext toys and gay dildos.

All the Gay Dildos!

Dildos come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and designs, catering to diverse preferences and fantasies amongst gay men. Among the various options available, two primary categories emerge: realistic dildos and non-realistic dildos. While both serve the purpose of providing pleasure, they differ significantly in terms of appearance, texture, and sensation. Understanding these differences can help individuals make informed choices based on their preferences and desires.

Realistic Dildos: Embracing the Sensual Experience

Realistic dildos are designed to mimic the look and feel of an actual penis, complete with detailed veins, glands, and sometimes even skin-like textures. These dildos often come in flesh tones, ranging from light to dark, to create a lifelike appearance. The aim of realistic dildos is to provide a sensual and immersive experience that closely resembles penetrative sex with a partner. Basically, as close to his dick in your arse as you can get without him being there!

One of the primary reasons some individuals prefer realistic dildos is the psychological aspect. For many, the visual and tactile realism of these dildos enhances the sensation of intimacy and arousal, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in their fantasies. The familiarity of a lifelike penis can evoke feelings of comfort and arousal, making the experience more satisfying and fulfilling.

Also, realistic dildos often feature anatomically accurate details, such as pronounced glans and textured shafts, which can provide enhanced stimulation during use. The natural curvature and flexibility of these dildos allow for a more lifelike sensation, mimicking the movements and contours of a real penis. For individuals seeking a truly authentic experience, realistic dildos offer a compelling option.

Non-Realistic Dildos: Exploring Creativity and Fantasy

In contrast to realistic dildos, non-realistic dildos eschew anatomical accuracy in favour of imaginative and creative designs. These dildos come in a wide range of shapes, colours, and textures, often featuring abstract or fantasy-inspired elements. From brightly coloured silicone to whimsical shapes and textures, non-realistic dildos embrace creativity and playfulness in their design. Theres a whole world of options out there, from a plain polished steel dildo, to an alien tentacle one!

One of the primary appeals of non-realistic dildos is the opportunity for exploration and fantasy. These dildos allow individuals to indulge in their wildest desires and explore new sensations and experiences beyond the limitations of reality. Whether it’s a curved toy designed for prostate stimulation or a textured dildo for added sensation, non-realistic dildos offer endless possibilities for pleasure and experimentation.

Furthermore, non-realistic dildos can provide a sense of liberation and empowerment for individuals who may not resonate with traditional notions of sexuality and gender. These dildos celebrate diversity and inclusivity, offering representation for a wide range of preferences and identities. From fantastical creatures to abstract shapes, non-realistic dildos allow individuals to express themselves authentically and embrace their unique desires.

Dildo Preference and Personal Choice

Ultimately, whether you prefer realistic or non-realistic dildos comes down to your individual preference and personal choice. Some may find solace and arousal in the familiarity of a realistic dildo, while others may delight in the whimsy and creativity of a non-realistic design. Regardless of preference, both types of dildos serve the purpose of providing pleasure and satisfaction to those who seek it.

It’s essential to explore and experiment with different types of dildos to discover what works best for you. Whether you’re drawn to the lifelike sensation of a realistic dildo or the imaginative allure of a non-realistic design, the key is to prioritize pleasure, comfort, and authenticity in your sexual experiences. By embracing diversity and celebrating individual preferences, you can find the perfect dildo that resonates with your desires and fantasies.

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Do You Enjoy Masks and Hoods for BDSM Play?

Theres nothing hotter than slipping into a leather or latex hood, covering your face and removing your senses, waiting for your partner to take control and fulfil your desires. Trust us, its amazing, sensory deprivation is a delicious way to add some spice to your sex life and hoods and masks are perfect for the BDSM beginner to get to grips with it.

If you’re looking for new gay sex toys to add to your collection, then maybe a hood or a mask could be your choice.

Masks and Hoods as Gay Sex Toys

In the vibrant tapestry of human sexuality, diverse fetishes and desires emerge, each offering a unique glimpse into the depths of erotic exploration. Among these is the fascination with wearing masks and hoods during sexual encounters, a fetish that holds particular allure for many gay men. From the thrill of anonymity to the sensory deprivation and heightened arousal, wearing masks and hoods in the bedroom can unlock a world of erotic possibilities. Let’s delve into why some gay men love to don masks and hoods during sex and what drives this compelling fetish.

  1. Anonymity and Disinhibition

For many gay guys, wearing masks and hoods during sex provides a sense of anonymity and liberation that heightens arousal and unleashes inhibitions. By concealing their identities behind a mask or hood, individuals can explore their desires and fantasies without the constraints of societal norms or personal inhibitions. This sense of anonymity allows them to tap into their deepest desires and embrace their sexuality fully, free from judgment or scrutiny. You can truly be yourself, once you conceal yourself, a wise sex guru once said, probably.

  1. Power Dynamics and Role Play

The act of wearing masks and hoods can also play into power dynamics and role-playing scenarios, adding an element of dominance and submission to sexual encounters. Whether it’s assuming the role of the dominant master or the submissive slave, masks and hoods can amplify the intensity of power dynamics, allowing individuals to explore their desires for control, submission, and surrender. The anonymity provided by the mask or hood creates a sense of mystique and allure, heightening the erotic tension between partners.

  1. Sensory Deprivation and Heightened Arousal

Masks and hoods can also induce sensory deprivation, heightening arousal and intensifying the sensations experienced during sex. By obscuring vision and restricting auditory perception, wearing a mask or hood can enhance other senses, such as touch and taste, leading to a more immersive and pleasurable experience. This sensory deprivation can create a state of heightened arousal and anticipation, making even the slightest touch or sensation feel electrifying and intense.

  1. Fetishization of Clothing and Accessories

In addition to the psychological and sensory aspects, the fetishization of clothing and accessories plays a significant role in the appeal of wearing masks and hoods during sex. Thers a reason why most masks and hoods are latex or leather based. For some individuals, the tactile sensation of the mask or hood against their skin can be incredibly arousing, triggering erotic responses and sensations. The texture, smell, and feel of the material can evoke intense feelings of arousal and desire, further enhancing the erotic experience.

  1. Exploration of Taboo and Forbidden Desires

Wearing masks and hoods during sex can also serve as a means of exploring taboo and forbidden desires, adding an element of excitement and thrill to sexual encounters. The act of concealing one’s identity behind a mask or hood can evoke feelings of rebellion and transgression, allowing individuals to indulge in fantasies that may be considered taboo or unconventional. This sense of forbidden pleasure can be incredibly arousing and exhilarating, driving individuals to explore their deepest desires without reservation.

Time to add a mask to your gay sex toy collection

The fetish of wearing masks and hoods during sex holds a multifaceted allure for many gay men, offering a tantalizing blend of anonymity, power dynamics, sensory deprivation, and taboo exploration. Whether it’s the thrill of anonymity, the intensity of power dynamics, or the sensory stimulation induced by the mask or hood itself, this fetish unlocks a world of erotic possibilities for those who dare to explore it. By embracing the complexities of human desire and sexuality, individuals can discover new realms of pleasure and fulfilment in the intimate embrace of a mask or hood.

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Ultimate Pleasure: The Prostate and Anal Sex

We all know that anal sex is the best and there’s nothing better than having your ass filled to bursting, but have you ever wondered why? Why is it that your favourite gay sex toys are all but plugs and dildo an anal beads? What makes anal sex so special? It’s the prostate! Lets find out why!

What’s the Prostate?

In the realm of sexual exploration, the prostate stands out as a source of unparalleled pleasure and erotic potential, particularly in the context of gay male anal sex. Often referred to as the “male G-spot,” the prostate is a small gland located within the male reproductive system that holds the key to intense and mind-blowing orgasms. From its anatomical location to the array of specialized sex toys designed for its stimulation, the prostate offers a gateway to a world of ecstatic sensations and unparalleled pleasure for gay men.

A Hotspot of Pleasure

The prostate, roughly the size of a walnut, is situated just below the bladder and surrounds the urethra, the tube through which urine and semen pass. Despite its modest size, the prostate plays a crucial role in sexual function and pleasure. When stimulated, either externally or internally through the rectum, the prostate can produce intense sensations of arousal and lead to powerful orgasms. Its proximity to the anal canal makes it accessible during anal penetration, making it a focal point for sexual exploration and pleasure in gay male sex. Which is the perfect place for stimulation with amazing anal sex toys!

Prostate Stimulation in Anal Sex

Prostate stimulation, often referred to as prostate massage or milking, can enhance the intensity and pleasure of anal sex for gay men in myriad ways:

  1. Intensified Orgasms: Stimulation of the prostate can lead to more intense and prolonged orgasms for gay men. The combination of anal penetration and targeted prostate stimulation can produce waves of pleasure that ripple throughout the body, culminating in explosive climaxes that defy description.
  2. Enhanced Sensation: The prostate is densely packed with nerve endings, making it highly sensitive to touch and pressure. When stimulated, either manually or with sex toys, the prostate can produce sensations of deep pleasure and arousal that radiates throughout the pelvic region, heightening the overall sexual experience. You’ve seen this happen, when you guy shudders uncontrollably when he comes, that’s the prostate.
  3. Increased Ejaculatory Volume: Prostate stimulation has been linked to increased ejaculatory volume and intensity for some individuals. By stimulating the prostate, the glands responsible for producing semen may produce a larger volume of fluid, resulting in more powerful and satisfying ejaculations. So guys, if you like a face full, then you know what you need to do.
  4. Multiple Orgasms: For some gay men, prostate stimulation can lead to the elusive experience of multiple orgasms. By continuing to stimulate the prostate after the initial climax, individuals may experience a series of waves of pleasure that can lead to multiple peaks of ecstasy, each more intense than the last.

Sex Toys and Prostate Stimulation

A wide array of gay sex toys have been specifically designed to target and stimulate the prostate, offering gay men a variety of options for exploring this erogenous zone. Some popular choices include:

  1. Prostate Massagers: These curved toys are designed to reach and massage the prostate with precision. Featuring a tapered tip for easy insertion and a curved shaft to target the prostate, prostate massagers are ideal for hands-free stimulation and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit individual preferences.
  2. Vibrating Prostate Stimulators: Vibrating prostate stimulators combine the benefits of prostate massage with powerful vibrations to enhance pleasure and arousal. These toys often feature multiple vibration settings and patterns, allowing users to customize their experience and explore different levels of stimulation.
  3. Anal Beads: While not specifically designed for prostate stimulation, anal beads can provide indirect stimulation to the prostate during anal penetration. By inserting and removing the beads slowly, individuals can experience a pleasurable sensation as the beads pass over the prostate, leading to heightened arousal and sensation.

Play with your prostate today!

The prostate holds immense potential for pleasure and arousal in gay male anal sex. From intensified orgasms to enhanced sensation and the potential for multiple climaxes, prostate stimulation offers a gateway to ecstatic realms of pleasure for those who dare to explore it. With the help of specialized sex toys designed to target and stimulate the prostate, gay men can unlock the full erotic potential of this remarkable gland and experience the ecstasy of prostate-induced pleasure like never before.

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Travelling With Sex Toys – The Do’s and Dont’s

Everyone loves their sex toys, why wouldn’t they with amazing ranges of sex toys for gay men, right? But can you take them on holiday with you or when you travel for business? Sure thing, why not you say, but think again. Travelling with sex toys can be risky, depending on where you’re going to an how you’re travelling, its best to plan ahead to avoid embarrassment or worse, broken toys. This handy guide will help you make the right choice.

Gay Sex Toys for Holiday

For gay men, sex toys can be essential tools for pleasure and exploration, whether at home or while traveling. However, bringing your favourite toys along on holiday requires careful consideration to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. From navigating airport security to enjoying aquatic adventures with waterproof toys, here’s a comprehensive guide to traveling with sex toys for gay men.

Dos and Don’ts of Taking Sex Toys on Holiday


  1. Check Local Laws and Regulations: Before packing your sex toys, research the laws and regulations of your destination regarding the possession and use of adult products. Some countries have strict rules regarding sex toys, so it’s essential to know what’s allowed beforehand.
  2. Pack Discreetly: Opt for discreet packaging when packing your sex toys to avoid unnecessary attention or embarrassment. Many manufacturers offer travel-friendly packaging or discreet carrying cases specifically designed for this purpose.
  3. Keep Batteries Separated: If your toys require batteries, remove them before packing to prevent accidental activation during transit. Keep batteries separate from your toys and store them in a secure container to avoid damage or leakage.
  4. Use Lockable Luggage: Invest in lockable luggage or travel cases to keep your sex toys secure and private during transit. This ensures that only you have access to your toys and prevents them from being accidentally discovered by airport security or hotel staff.
  5. Bring Lubricant: Don’t forget to pack water-based lubricant, especially if you’ll be using silicone-based toys. Lubricant enhances comfort and pleasure during play and can be essential for enjoyable sexual experiences while traveling.


  1. Forget to Clean Your Toys: Before packing your toys, ensure they are clean and sanitized to prevent any potential hygiene issues. Use a toy cleaner or mild soap and water to clean your toys thoroughly and allow them to dry completely before packing.
  2. Pack Illegal or Prohibited Items: Be aware of any items that are prohibited or illegal in your destination country and avoid packing them. This includes certain types of sex toys or accessories that may be restricted by local laws.
  3. Overpack: While it’s tempting to bring your entire collection of sex toys, consider the practicality of packing lighter. Choose a few versatile toys that offer a range of sensations and experiences to avoid overpacking and unnecessary hassle. You don’t want to have to open your luggage at the airport because you packed to many dildos and have everyone see them!
  4. Be Afraid to Ask Questions: If you’re unsure about any aspect of traveling with sex toys, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Reach out to the manufacturer or retailer for guidance on packing, cleaning, and using your toys safely while traveling.

Navigating Airport Security

Getting through airport security with sex toys can be a nerve-wracking experience, but with the right approach, it can be relatively straightforward:

  1. Be Prepared: Place your sex toys in a separate pouch or bag within your carry-on luggage for easy access during security screening.
  2. Stay Calm and Confident: If asked about the contents of your bag, remain calm and confident when explaining that you have sex toys in your luggage. Remember that security personnel are trained to handle these situations professionally and discreetly.
  3. Know Your Rights: Familiarize yourself with the regulations of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regarding sex toys and adult products. In most cases, sex toys are allowed in carry-on luggage but may be subject to additional screening.

Waterproof Sex Toys for Aquatic Adventures

For gay men who enjoy aquatic adventures, waterproof sex toys offer a thrilling way to enhance pleasure in the pool or at the beach:

  1. Choose Waterproof Toys: Opt for sex toys specifically designed for underwater use, such as waterproof vibrators, dildos, or anal toys. These toys are made from non-porous materials that are safe for use in water and can withstand submersion without damage.
  2. Consider Remote-Controlled Toys: Remote-controlled vibrators or prostate massagers can add an element of excitement to underwater play, allowing you or your partner to control the intensity and sensation from a distance.
  3. Use Lubricant: When using sex toys in the water, consider using a silicone-based lubricant for added comfort and sensation. Silicone-based lubricants are waterproof and provide long-lasting lubrication, making them ideal for aquatic play.
  4. Clean Thoroughly After Use: After enjoying your underwater adventures, be sure to clean your sex toys thoroughly with toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Rinse them well to remove any residue or debris, and allow them to dry completely before storing them away.

So lets get packing!

Traveling with sex toys as a gay man can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience with proper planning and preparation. By following these dos and don’ts, navigating airport security, and choosing waterproof toys for aquatic adventures, you can ensure a smooth and pleasurable journey while exploring your desires and fantasies on holiday. Shop online at for an amazing range of gay sex toys.

What is Sensory Play and Why You Should Try It

Gay sex is great, but it can be better. Adding new experiences to your sex life is always fun and why not try something new, like sensory play. Sensory play is amazing for gay guys and is a perfect addition if you’re playing with sexy toys, especial some BDSM gay sex toys.

What is sensory play?

Sensory play in sex is an exhilarating and immersive experience that engages the senses to enhance pleasure, arousal, and intimacy between partners. By incorporating various sensory stimuli such as touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound, couples can explore new sensations, deepen their connection, and spice up their sex lives. Candle and wax play, as well as ice and water play, are two popular forms of sensory play that offer unique sensations and opportunities for exploration.

Heat, Candles and Wax

Candle and wax play involves using candles to drip hot wax onto the skin, creating sensations of warmth, tingling, and arousal. This form of sensory play can be intensely erotic and intimate, as the dripping wax stimulates nerve endings and heightens sensitivity. Before engaging in candle and wax play, it’s important for couples to establish trust, communication, and consent. Using specially designed low-temperature candles or massage candles can help minimize the risk of burns and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Couples can experiment with different candle types, temperatures, and patterns to tailor the experience to their preferences and desires. For added sensation, partners can incorporate gentle massage or sensation play with feathers or silk scarves to complement the warmth of the wax. Wax play coupled with shibari rope bondage is an amazing experience and a must try.

Cold, Ice and Water

Ice and water play, on the other hand, involves using ice cubes, chilled water, or other cold objects to stimulate the skin and awaken the senses. This form of sensory play can create sensations of coolness, tingling, and heightened awareness, offering a refreshing contrast to the warmth of candle and wax play. Ice and water play can be particularly effective for stimulating erogenous zones and enhancing arousal. Couples can explore different techniques such as running ice cubes along the body, dripping cold water onto the skin, or incorporating ice play into oral sex or foreplay. The sensation of cold can heighten sensitivity and create a tantalizing buildup of anticipation, leading to more intense and satisfying experiences. Try ice pay with latex and sensory deprivation like blindfolds, take one sense away whilst over stimulating the other.

Why You Should Try Sensory Play?

Incorporating sensory play into their sex lives can provide couples with a powerful means of exploration, connection, and pleasure. By engaging the senses in new and exciting ways, partners can deepen their intimacy, foster trust and communication, and discover new dimensions of their sexual desires and fantasies. Whether exploring the warmth of candle and wax play or the coolness of ice and water play, couples can unleash their creativity and imagination to create unforgettable experiences that ignite passion and excitement in the bedroom.

To incorporate sensory play into their sex lives, couples can start by discussing their interests, boundaries, and fantasies openly and honestly. Establishing clear communication and consent is essential for creating a safe and enjoyable experience for both partners. Couples can experiment with different sensory stimuli, techniques, and scenarios to find what works best for them. Whether indulging in the warmth of candle and wax play or the coolness of ice and water play, the key is to embrace curiosity, creativity, and mutual pleasure to enhance intimacy and satisfaction in their relationship.

Gay couples, like any other, can benefit from changing things up in their sex lives from time to time, and adding in gay sex toys and experimenting with new types of sex like sensory play are great ways to try new things and spice it up a little bit.

Do you splosh? Everything you need to know about WAM play

Ever want to cover yourself in custard and then get down and dirty with your partner? Want to cover him in chocolate cake and lick it of his chest? Then you may have a WAM kink and sploshing may just be your thing, lets have a look at the WAM kink and how you can add it to your play time and how you can incorporate your gay sex toys into WAM play.

What is Sploshing?

Sploshing, also known as “WAM” (Wet and Messy) play, is a unique and sensual form of kink that involves incorporating food, liquids, or other messy substances into sexual activities. From whipped cream and chocolate sauce to cake batter and slime, sploshing allows individuals to explore sensory stimulation, sensation play, and power dynamics in a playful and intimate way. While sploshing is enjoyed by people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, its appeal from a gay gay kink perspective offers a distinct lens through which to understand this indulgent fetish. Hot gay guy covered in chocolate sauce? Yes please!

Gay Kinks and WAM

In the realm of gay kink, sploshing can take on various forms and interpretations, each influenced by personal desires, fantasies, and dynamics within the gay community. For some gay guys, sploshing serves as a means of erotic expression and exploration, providing a playful and unconventional avenue for sensual pleasure and connection. The tactile sensations of squishy, slippery substances against the skin can heighten arousal and intensify physical sensations, adding a layer of excitement and novelty to sexual encounters.

Sploshing as part of BDSM

From a power dynamics perspective, sploshing can also involve elements of dominance and submission, with one partner assuming control over the messy substances and the other surrendering to the sensations and sensations. This dynamic can manifest in various ways, such as feeding or smearing food onto a submissive partner’s body, creating a sense of vulnerability and surrender that enhances the erotic charge of the experience. Alternatively, the act of being served or adorned with messy substances can evoke feelings of worship and adoration, further deepening the connection between partners.

WAM Sensory Play

Sploshing can also be a form of sensory play, allowing gay men to explore the textures, tastes, and smells of different foods and liquids in a sensual and stimulating context. From the creamy richness of whipped cream to the sticky sweetness of honey, the sensory experience of sploshing can be both titillating and indulgent, awakening the senses and heightening arousal in ways that traditional sexual activities may not.

Have Fun and Play

Sploshing and WAM offer a creative outlet for sexual expression and experimentation, allowing individuals to break free from societal norms and embrace their desires and fantasies without judgment or inhibition. Whether it’s reenacting playful food fights or engaging in elaborate role-playing scenarios, sploshing invites gay men to explore their sexualities in a fun, light-hearted, and consensual manner.

However, it’s essential to approach sploshing with caution and consideration for safety and hygiene. Some foods and substances may not be suitable for use on the body or may cause allergic reactions, so it’s crucial to communicate openly with partners and establish boundaries and preferences before engaging in sploshing play. Additionally, practicing safe sex measures and proper cleanup procedures can help mitigate risks and ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for all involved.

We’d also add that you ensure your gay sex toys are waterproof before using them in a WAM play session, anything with batteries or electronics should be tested fully to ensure you wont hurt yourself or break to sex toys whilst playing, trust us, you don’t want to ruin your wand vibrator because its full of cake and cream.

Go Splosh!

Sploshing offers a tantalizing and immersive experience for gay men looking to explore sensory stimulation, power dynamics, and erotic expression in a playful and unconventional way. From the sensual textures of food and liquids to the dynamic interplay of dominance and submission, sploshing invites individuals to indulge their desires, fantasies, and appetites in a safe, consensual, and liberating way.

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Great Gay Sex Toys that Go Together Perfectly

Ok, using one sex toy can be fabulous and amazing and add much needed spice to your sex life, but have you considered using more than one? Pairing your sex toys together can unlock a new dimension in pleasure, and why would you not want to experience as much pleasure as possible?

We know that gay sex toys add an exciting dimension to sexual exploration, offering a myriad of sensations and possibilities for gay men to enhance intimacy and pleasure. When it comes to maximizing satisfaction, combining toys that can be used simultaneously creates a dynamic synergy, intensifying sensations and heightening arousal. Here are five potent sex toy combinations for gay men, each carefully paired to deliver simultaneous pleasure and excitement:

  1. Cock Rings and Prostate Massagers:

Stimulate and Endure! Combining a cock ring with a prostate massager creates a powerful duo that targets multiple pleasure zones simultaneously. The cock ring restricts blood flow to the penis, resulting in a harder and longer-lasting erection, while the prostate massager stimulates the prostate gland, a highly sensitive erogenous zone. Together, these toys provide a dual sensation of internal and external pleasure, intensifying arousal and leading to explosive orgasms.

  1. Vibrating Cock Rings and Vibrating Anal Plugs:

All the vibrations please. Pairing a vibrating cock ring with a vibrating anal plug offers a symphony of pleasure that stimulates both partners simultaneously. The vibrating cock ring enhances sensation and arousal for the wearer, while the vibrating anal plug provides intense stimulation to the anal region. Whether used during penetrative sex or solo play, this combination creates a synchronized experience of pleasure that amplifies arousal and intensifies orgasms. Add in vibrations controlled by a partner or by sounds such as banging play list and you’ll not want the pleasure to stop.

  1. Fleshlights and Penis Sleeves:

Combining a Fleshlight with a penis sleeve provides a dynamic duo that enhances solo or partner play with lifelike sensations and added stimulation. The Fleshlight mimics the sensation of penetrative sex, offering a realistic and pleasurable experience for the user, while the penis sleeve adds girth and texture to the wearer’s penis, intensifying sensation for both partners during intercourse. Whether used together or separately, this combination offers versatility and stimulation that cater to individual preferences and desires. has an amazing range of penis sleeves and fleshlights and other amazing gay sex toys, so check them out today.

  1. Cock Rings and Vibrating Wand Masturbators:

Pairing a cock ring with a vibrating wand masturbator creates a synchronized experience of pleasure that enhances solo or partner play. The cock ring restricts blood flow to the penis, resulting in a harder and more sensitive erection, while the vibrating masturbator provides intense stimulation to the penis, mimicking the sensation of oral sex or penetrative intercourse. Whether used during foreplay or as the main event, this combination offers a thrilling experience of simultaneous pleasure and arousal.

  1. Dildos and Strap-On Harnesses:

Ok so this may seem like a strange choice, but consider locking your partner in chastity and making them fuck you with a strap on dildo, all of the pleasure for you, none for them, it’s a classic BDSM power play move. Combining a dildo with a strap-on harness opens up a world of possibilities for penetrative play and role reversal. The dildo provides penetrative stimulation, while the strap-on harness allows the wearer to securely and comfortably wear the dildo, enabling partners to explore new roles and power dynamics. This combination offers versatility and excitement that cater to a wide range of preferences and desires.

Two, Three, Four… The Possibilities Are Endless

Combining sex toys that can be used simultaneously creates a dynamic and synchronized experience of pleasure that intensifies arousal and satisfaction for gay men. Whether targeting multiple pleasure zones, enhancing sensation, or exploring new roles and dynamics, these combinations offer endless possibilities for pleasure and exploration. By experimenting with different toy pairings, gay men can discover new heights of intimacy and pleasure, enriching their sexual experiences and deepening their connections with their partners.

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How Gay Sex Toys Can Bring You Closer Together

Sometimes sex can be a hard part in a relationship, some couple struggle with being intimate together and this can put a strain on their relationship and cause problems. Gay sex toys can help, they can help bring you closer together and help unlock sexual desires that you can share and use as a foundation for your sex life together.

Gay Sex Toys in Relationships

Using gay sex toys in a relationship can be a transformative and enriching experience, especially for gay men. Not only do sex toys offer a means to explore new sensations and pleasures, but they also serve as tools for fostering intimacy, communication, and connection between partners. Incorporating sex toys into your sex life can help bring you and your partner closer together in ways that go beyond physical pleasure.

Explore Desires

For gay men in relationships, sex toys can provide a means to explore and fulfil each other’s desires, enhancing intimacy and deepening the bond between partners. By introducing toys into your sexual repertoire, you open up avenues for experimentation and discovery, allowing you and your partner to explore new sensations and pleasures together. Whether it’s exploring anal play, prostate stimulation, or mutual masturbation, sex toys offer endless possibilities for shared pleasure and excitement.

What Kind of Toys Work?

One type of sex toy that can bring gay male partners closer together is the vibrating cock ring. This versatile toy fits snugly around the base of the penis, providing pleasurable vibration that can enhance arousal and prolong erections. When used during penetrative sex, the vibrating cock ring can stimulate both partners simultaneously, creating a synchronized experience of pleasure that strengthens the connection between you and your partner.

Another popular option for gay male couples is the prostate massager. Designed to target the prostate gland, a highly sensitive erogenous zone located inside the anus, prostate massagers can produce intense sensations and powerful orgasms. When used during foreplay or intercourse, prostate massagers can deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure for both partners, creating a shared experience of pleasure and exploration.

Additionally, mutual masturbation sleeves can be a great addition to the bedroom for gay male couples. These sleeves are designed to mimic the sensation of penetrative sex, providing a realistic and pleasurable experience for both partners. Whether used during solo play or as part of mutual masturbation, these toys can help gay male partners explore new sensations and fantasies together, fostering intimacy and connection in the process.

Improve Intimacy

Incorporating sex toys into your sex life can also improve communication and intimacy between partners. By discussing your desires, preferences, and boundaries openly and honestly, you and your partner can navigate the world of sex toys together, creating a safe and supportive environment for exploration and experimentation. Whether you’re trying out a new toy for the first time or incorporating toys into your regular routine, communication is key to ensuring that both partners feel comfortable, respected, and satisfied.

Als, using sex toys can help break down barriers and reduce inhibitions between partners, creating a sense of openness and vulnerability that strengthens the bond between you. By sharing your desires and fantasies with each other, you create a deeper sense of intimacy and connection, fostering a stronger and more fulfilling relationship in the process.

Gay Sex Toys Can Bring You Together

Using sex toys in a gay relationship can enhance intimacy, communication, and connection between partners. Whether you’re exploring anal play, prostate stimulation, or mutual masturbation, sex toys offer endless possibilities for shared pleasure and excitement. By incorporating toys into your sex life and communicating openly with your partner, you can deepen your bond and create a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

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Gay Kinks and Fetishes – and What Toys to Buy For Them

Have you been watching gay porn and seen something that you like that your partner or regular sex partners don’t want to try with you. It can be a common problem, as an online gay sex toy shop we get questions about all sorts of gay sex and we try to give the very best answers. So for the best gay sex toys available online visit and for some advice on common gay sex fetishes read on below.

Common Gay Fetish Questions

Have you ever tried fisting – something that many men wonder about and perhaps want to try but can be a little worried about is fisting. An amazing experience for some but trying to find someone who either wants to give or receive can be a little tricky, and like all fetishes or sexual desires you have to have the courage to ask.

Can I find someone to mummify me? – A more complex gay sex fetish and one that is very difficult to do on your own. Being wrapped up and having all your senses deprived while you are in the hands of someone else takes trust and safe words (or actions) and someone who enjoys doing the wrapping on the other end. There are also a lot of toys with this one, including vac beds and bags that can be used to make the wrapping easier and quicker for everyone involved.

Where do I go to have a threesome – a very common question, as for many men having a threesome is such a great fantasy and as it is so achievable why not ask for it on a gay forum. Having a man penetrate you while you penetrate another man is an experience like no other. It is finding the men and the places to go which can be problematic, some saunas and sex clubs have special nights or rooms for this. Many men also have a gang bang fantasy so finding a group of men willing to dominate and explore you completely with their bodies is also an exciting thing to ask for – so ask and you will find!

Are gay escorts discrete? – Many men worry that if they spend time with a gay escort they will be discovered as they may not be out to their family or friends but do still want to have satisfying sex. It may also be that they are straight and just want to try gay sex. The answer is of course gay escorts are discrete, pick a neutral place away from where any one may see you and you have nothing to worry about.

If you’re going to use a cock ring, why not use a vibrating one!

Ok, so you may o may have not used a cock ring before but you’re probably, most certainly heard of them and have seen them in gay sex toys shops. Cock rings are amazing, and for gay guys there are the must have gay sex toy, a basic toy to have and keep in your collection, why? Well let us tell you why everyone should have one, and, why you should choose a vibrating one as well.

  1. What is a cock ring?

A cock ring is a hugely versatile sex toy designed to enhance sexual experiences by constricting blood flow to the penis, resulting in a firmer and longer-lasting erection. It’s going to make you harder, for longer, what’s not to love. Traditionally made from materials like silicone or leather, these rings are worn at the base of the penis or around the penis and testicles.

  1. So how does a cock ring work?

Cock rings work by restricting the blood flow from the penis, which can lead to a more robust and prolonged erection. They achieve this by trapping blood within the erectile tissues, heightening sensitivity and intensifying orgasms. Some designs also provide added stimulation for both partners. Basically, we’re strapping up your cock to keep the blood in there, keeping you harder for longer.

  1. Vibrating cock rings, why choose one?

Vibrating cock rings take the pleasure to the next level. Unlike their non-vibrating counterparts, these innovative sex toys come equipped with a small motor that delivers arousing vibrations. For gay guys, these devices offer unique advantages that contribute to a more satisfying sexual experience, both for the wearer, and their partner.

  1. Enhanced pleasure for both partners

One of the primary benefits of vibrating cock rings is their ability to enhance pleasure for both guys. The vibrations not only stimulate the wearer but also provide added sensations for the partner during penetration. This shared pleasure can lead to a more fulfilling and intimate connection between couples. Basically we’re turning your cock into a vibrating dildo for his, and your pleasure.

  1. Intense stimulation for the wearer

The vibrations from the cock ring can deliver targeted stimulation to the penis, testicles, and perineum. This heightened level of arousal can result in more intense and powerful orgasms for the wearer, contributing to a more satisfying sexual experience. Cum harder and longer, what’s not to like?

  1. Extended endurance

While both vibrating and non-vibrating cock rings can help maintain erections, the added stimulation from vibrations can distract from any potential performance anxiety. This distraction, coupled with the pleasurable sensations, may contribute to extended endurance and a more relaxed sexual encounter. Forget the blue pills, try a vibrating cock ring first, you can thank us later.

  1. Versatility in use

Vibrating cock rings are versatile and can be used during various sexual activities, including solo play, foreplay, and partnered sex. Their flexibility allows users to explore different sensations and find the optimal level of stimulation for their preferences.

  1. Adjustable intensity levels

Many vibrating cock rings come with adjustable intensity levels, allowing users to customize their experience based on their preferences and mood. This feature ensures that individuals can find the perfect balance between pleasure and comfort. Start slow and ramp it up as you go guys.

  1. Shared control and fun

This is the writers favourite part btw. Some vibrating cock rings come with remote controls, allowing partners to share control over the device. This shared experience adds an element of surprise and playfulness to the bedroom, fostering communication and intimacy. Surrender the control over your cock ring to your guy, let him take you on a wild ride!

  1. Tips for safe use

Ensure proper sizing to avoid discomfort or injury. If using a vibrating cock ring with a partner, establish clear communication and consent. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance to ensure a hygienic experience.

So, while non-vibrating cock rings have their merits and we do love them, the vibrating variety offers an extra layer of pleasure, versatility, and shared enjoyment for gay men exploring the world of sex toys, so why would you not get a vibrating one? Whether used for solo or partnered play, these amazing gay sex toys can elevate sexual experiences to new heights, fostering deeper connections and greater satisfaction. Go buy one today, you wont regret it!