Cock Ring Tips for Maximum Pleasure

While there is a ton of options (including pills) that can help your dick stay hard for longer, there is a safer and easier solution available in a gay sex toy shop.

Whether you need some help staying harder or simply want to experience your cock being as hard as it has ever been, a cock ring is the toy you should try. This small and compact, body-safe gay sex toy is super easy to use, and helps you maintain a rock-hard erection for longer – so that you can enjoy an enhanced gay sex experience. Continue reading

How To Stay Connected in A Long-Distance Gay Relationship

The famous poetic quote “absence makes the heart grow fonder” will definitely resonate with you, if you’re a guy in a loving, long distance gay relationship.

Working on your relationship, when absence and miles are keeping you apart, requires dedication, and a commitment to staying connected. Focusing on communication, and sharing experiences, will help you maintain a strong relationship until you can be together again. Continue reading

Did You Know Sexting Can Improve Your IRL Gay Sex Life?

Communicating what you want and need in a relationship doesn’t come easy for a lot of people. Men tend to find it challenging to communicate the thought that is in their head, into words that are spoken out loud. We know that sex toys are a great way to encourage conversation between partners, to let them try different things and this is why we stock such a huge range of varied gay sex toys! Continue reading