How To Have Fun with A Penis Pump Gay Sex Toy

One of the easiest and quickest ways to boost the length and girth of your dick is to use a penis pump gay sex toy. This non-evasive device is highly effective at super-sizing the proportions of your manhood, so that you can enjoy great sex that lasts longer.

Whether you want to improve the overall appearance of your dick to impress a new lover, or to treat erectile dysfunction problems (which is the reason it was invented in the first place), a penis pump is a must-have sex toy that every gay man should own. Continue reading

Anal Gay Toys Are Amazing – Here Are Some Ways to Stretch Your Ass

The best gay sex shop online stocks a great variety of anal gay toys that can be used to enhance your pleasure, and to make every gay sex experience even more amazing.

But while using sex toys is fun, having a pain in the ass isn’t. To avoid ending up with a painful butthole, you need to do some anal stretching exercises in preparation for penetration. You can stretch your ass on your own or ask your partner to assist you. Continue reading