Do You Love Fetish Wear?

At All Gay Toys we love all things fetish, including fetish clothing! It can make you feel sexy and add to your gay play session in all sorts of ways.

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You can find a great range of sexy clothing on our online gay sex toy shop here.

Have you ever wondered if you would like your partner or gay escort to dress as your favourite fetish? Read below to find out how to engage your sex partner in wearing fetish clothing. Continue reading

Gay Sex Etiquette for a Gay Orgy

Group gay sex, or a gay sex orgy is one of the most amazing things that men can ever experience – but it can take a little bit of organising and you need to all be on the same page to have the best time.

Gay Sex Toy Supplies

One of the biggest things that you need to arrange is who is bringing the sex toys? Just because there are a lot of men there does not mean that you don’t need some extra playthings to really amp up the volume at a gay sex orgy. At the very least you will need lots and lots of lube and condoms all which can be bought discretely online at Continue reading

How Gay Sex Toys Can Improve Your Mood & Mental Health

Great gay sex is mood improving for everyone and having fun gay sex toys to help you do that is also something everyone should have. Embracing your own sexual health and wellbeing is very important whether it is solo play, with a partner or with an escort.

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The more time you spend exploring what you like the more fulfilling your gay sex will be and gay sex toys really help you do that. Shop for the gay sex toys that you want at

Sex is adult playtime, it can also be adult exercise time and adult mood improving time, so the better the gay sex, the better we feel – lets take a look at some of the reasons why:

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How to Have Great Gay Sex with a Large Penis

Having a large penis may be the holy grail for many men when it comes to sex, but what if it is big, really, really big – while in fantasy land the bigger the penis the better, there are some practical considerations of how much any ass can actually take!

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Our online gay sex toy shop can really help you out when it comes to managing and enjoying a large penis. We stock a great range of lube, the more lube the better when it come to taking that big cock! You will also need extra large condoms, and if you really want to prepare, we stock a range of dildoes and anal training toys to help you open up in advance of that big cock coming your way! You can shop for all this and more here: Continue reading

Do You Have a Gay Dungeon Fantasy?

Gay sex dungeons can sound a little intimidating if you have not been to one before, however think of them as less of a dungeon and more of a play park for kinky adults. If you are into BDSM in any way, then these sex dungeons will be a heavenly place that you will love to play in.

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You can also create your own gay sex dungeon at home with all the sex toys and equipment buy buying them quickly and discreetly from Continue reading

What You Need to Know About a Rubber Fetish

We know how important it is to indulge in fetishes when it comes to great gay sex. We stock a huge range of gay sex toys, clothing and accessories which can be bought online at www.

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If you’re already love rubber and have a rubber kink, then you probably know how to describe the material. But for those who aren’t certain, rubber is often lumped in with latex whereas in fact, it’s a whole different ball game. Latex is a shiny, more PVC type of material which has a lot more stretch and flex. In comparison, rubber is more matte in appearance, less shiny and much thicker. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Lube for Gay Sex

Lube is the gay man’s best friend when it comes to having great gay sex, but did you know how many different types of lube there are and when you should use which?

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The most important gay sex toy for any and every man is great lube! Without lube, gay sex would be a bit more challenging, and nowhere near as much fun! This great sexy product lets everything just slip and slide easily and quickly, letting men push deeper and harder for the best gay sex ever.

You will find the biggest selection of lube at the best prices at Continue reading

Couples Have More Satisfaction with Sex Toys

Gay couples the world over love to have great gay sex, and sex toys can make such a difference to keeping the intimacy and excitement alive in a long-term relationship.

In case you weren’t ready aware, there is a plethora of benefits to using sex toys in the bedroom. As a gay couple, you can intensify your intimacy and orgasmic pleasure, simply by including adult sex toys in your sexual activities.

Maximise the Satisfaction

It’s been reported that gay guys who use sex toys regularly enjoy increased sexual satisfaction. The quality of their masturbation and orgasms also noticeably improved. If your partner is open to trying out the heightened pleasure that’s on offer, when you use sex toys, go shopping together to pick out what you want to try. Continue reading

Straightforward Fetishes to Introduce Gay Sex Toys

There are some well known and classic fetishes that most people have tried or have an interest it, the great thing about exploring these fetishes is that you can either just dip your toe in, or dive in completely! Whatever the fetish you choose you can by a great range of gay sex toys to accompany and enhance that fetish from

Fetishes and Gay Sex Toys

Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular fetishes around:

Bondage – A very popular bedroom activity – and can involve everything from sexy bondage tape, to light-hearted fluffy cuffs through to technical rope techniques and elaborate restraints that can be used across the body. You need to let your partner know how you like to be tied up and then how to pleasure you once you are. Being submissive and having someone else in control is extremely arousing for many men, but also the art and aesthetic of being tied up can also be important. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find the best options on Many men love a butt plug, and they are so versatile and can be used with a partner or for solo sex. They are often one of the first gay sex toys that men purchase and become a great toy to have at hand when you are feeling horny. Many men however don’t know just how versatile a butt plug can be so here is a quick guide to playing with these amazing gay sex toys!

Butt Plugs are Amazing!

These versatile gay sex toys are popular for a reason! They come in all shapes, colours and sizes and some have fun extras like being inflatable or vibrating! These great little (and sometimes very large) sex toys are a firm favourite for many men across the UK.

Great for play time with your favourite Gay Escort or just going solo, Butt Plugs are an ideal sex toy for those seeking anal stimulation anal and these sizable toys can also be used for anal sexual training. Guys get a lot of pleasure from using butt plugs as the prostate is located just inside the anus – when this is stimulated by using a butt plug, the orgasms become more intense and often last longer! Continue reading