Lubes for Every Occasion – How To Reduce The Friction In Your Sex Life!

The most important gay sex toy for any and every man is great lube! Without lube, gay sex would be a bit more challenging, and no where near as much fun! This great sexy product lets everything just slip and slide easily and quickly, letting men push deeper and harder for the best gay sex ever.

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Choosing the right lube is incredibly important as different lubes are good for different things, and by getting the right lube you can greatly enhance your sexual enjoyment. You probably will want different lubricants for hand jobs that you will for a pounding anal session, different lubes are great for different things.

All About Gay Sex Lubricants

There are some basic differences between lubes, there are oil-based lubes, silicone-based lubes, water based lubes and hybrid combination lubes.

Oil Based Lubes – Made mainly from oil with a similar consistency, these are now less popular as they degrade condoms and can be very difficult to clean up. On the plus side they are long lasting and great in the shower as they don’t wash away.

Silicon Based Lubes – Slick and sexy, silicone lubes are quite long lasting and don’t stain sheets. Often non compatible with sex toys so many men steer clear of these ones.

Water Based Lubes – Great for compatibility, you can use water-based lubes with both condoms and sex toys, so they are the go to lube if you want to keep something handy. They wash away quickly so are no good for water-based play, similar to silicone these lubes are nice and slippery and won’t stain the sheets.

Hybrid Lubes – These lubes are as they are named a combination of the above lubes and are useful depending on what you need them for. Remember that any lubes with silicone of oil in are probably not compatible with sex toys or condoms.

Using Different Lubes

Gay Massage – a great gay massage needs not only sensual massage oils but also a great lube to ensure you really do have a happy ending. Many oil-based lubes are scented and that might be the way to go here. Oil based lubes can also be heated making for a very relaxing massage experience.

Hand Jobs – If you are going solo, and who doesn’t like a good stoke now and then, choosing a long-lasting lube is the way to go, this will stop you from having to reapply many time over. Some lubes come in cooling, warming and even tingling variants which can add extra sensations to your hand job experience.

Anal Sex – Probably the most important one to get right, as without great lube, anal sex can be frustrating. While many men have a personal preference when it comes to anal lubes, finding a longer lasting lube is essential, a nice thick lube will really help smooth things along, and remember if you are into casual sex ensure you use one that is compatible with condoms.