Romance Is Not Dead – Being Romantic with Your Boyfriend

Although we are a sex toy shop, we do love a bit of romance! Whether you’re a roses and chocolates type of romantic or a big fat butt plug type of romantic, you have to admit the best gay sex is with someone who makes your hear flutter.

Gay Sex Toy Shop & Romance

If you are a gay guy who is a bit of a softy at heart, and you’d love to share more romance with your boyfriend, here are some ideas to inspire you:

Good Old-Fashioned Romance

Even though it may seem a bit old fashioned to write your boyfriend a romantic love letter, your token of love will be cherished and treasured.

It’s cute and adorable to express how your boyfriend makes you feel, and what you love most about him. You can write it in a traditional letter format, or as a poem. Don’t worry if you don’t have the wordsmith skills of a great writer or poet. A note that says you’re “always hot and horny for him” will let me know that he’s special.

Alternatively, you could create a playlist of your favourite romantic songs that you can listen to together.

A Romantic Date

Take your boyfriend on a romantic date to a gorgeous and scenic outdoor location, like a park or woodland. Pack up a picnic of your favourite foodie treats and a bottle of champagne.

Sit together on a rug and enjoy the tranquillity of the open space, and the romantic ambience. If you time it right, you could also enjoy a stunning sunset.

Romantic Gifts

Romance and sex can be compatible bed fellows, provided that you surprise your boyfriend with gifts that are tasteful and sensual.

Shower him with a selection of erotic sex toys that you can play with together, to enhance your sensual pleasure. Put together a fetish fantasy kit, containing a mutual masturbator, a prostate massager, butt plugs, massage candles and oils, and a blindfold. You can use all of the goodies when you get intimate.

Romance in The Bedroom

Enhance your sex life by giving the bedroom a romantic makeover. If you don’t have the time or money to completely remodel your bedroom, you can easily transform it into love nest by cleaning it from top to bottom, tidying away clothes, and sprucing it up with inexpensive accessories like new bed linen, cushions and flowers.

The Romantic Getaway

For many couples, it’s the spontaneous mini break that is considered to be the ultimate romantic gesture. Taking a road trip together, to a private B&B in the countryside, is the perfect way to enjoy quality downtime with your special man.

And if you remember to pack a few sex toys, your adventure will also be erotic!