What Is Your Favourite Type of Gay Kissing?

We love gay sex, and so it follows that we love gay sex toys, however we know that in addition to great gay sex toys, you need to get some of the basics about gay sex right so in this blog we are looking at the very sexy and much underrated kiss.

The hot strong kiss of a sexy gay man is a thing of joy, but there are different types of gay kissing. Everyone has a different and unique style of puckering up and kissing. While you may not be aware of your own kissing style, you probably have no problem spotting your favourite type of gay kissing, from those listed below…

The First-Timer Gay Kiss

Although he’s excited and keen to experience his first gay kiss, the first timer is a little bit awkward and very nervous. If you are a kissing pro, you easily be able to spot if this guy has the potential to become an average or awesome kisser, with plenty of practice.

The Shy Guy Gay Kiss

Unlike the kissing virgin, the shy guy needs to be coaxed and persuaded to kiss and make out. If you’re patient with him, you may eventually discover that he’s a good kisser once he warms up, gets into his groove and lets go of his inhibitions.

The Aggressive Gay Kisser

The aggressive kisser likes to actively take charge of foreplay and sex. When he moves in close, you can expect him to hold you down while he has his wicked way with you.

The Tongue Gay Kisser

This guy loves to expertly use his tongue to explore your lips, tongue and cavities, and thinks nothing of trying to deep throat you. You may have to pull away, if going full on Frenchie isn’t your favourite type of gay kissing.

The Sloppy Gay Kisser

If you have to wipe saliva from your face after kissing a hot gay guy, he’s undoubtedly a sloppy kisser. While it may initially feel slightly gross, there’s always the right time and place for kissing that’s wet, wild and out of control.

The Drunk Gay Kisser

When sober, this gay guy isn’t much of a kisser, but give him a few shots and he’s more than a willing participant! Don’t be surprised, if at the end of the night, you find him trying to kiss everyone’s face off.

The One-Trick Gay Kisser

Some time ago, this guy was told that he’s a great kisser. As a result, he’s stuck to the tried and tested method ever since. His kissing repertoire may be limited, but if he’s the guy for you, you probably won’t mind teaching him a thing or two.

The Pro Gay Kisser

Any man who knows his way around kissing should be considered a true pro. The pro knows how and when to use his tongue and is happy to let you take charge of the kissing, from time to time. His kisses are sweet, yet also erotic.