Why Guys Love Fleshlights

Fleshlights is a popular brand name for a nifty little gay sex toy often described as a masturbation sleeve for the penis. They are a little odd to look at but as they are one of the most popular sex toys for men available, their looks shouldn’t put you off enjoying their pleasure!

Gay Fleshlights

Starting out as a toy for straight men, these great masturbation aids are now available for gay men and take the shape of a cute butt for you to slide your hard cock into. They are very easy to use and are small and portable making them a gay man’s best friend when you want something more that just a quick wank.

Easy to keep beside the bed, alongside your favourite lube, these sexy toys fit comfortably about your penis while you thrust in and out in a rhythmic rocking motion before you happily explode. These toys are smaller than the traditional sex doll and so much easier to use. With the focus being on the penis these sleeves have twists and turns inside for your penis’ pleasure and many of suction, squeezing and warming option for you to play with.

Reasons Guys Love Fleshlights

  1. While not the experience of a nice real tight ass, the fleshlights give a more fantasy feel to your masturbation time, where you can defiantly imagine and nearly feel how it is to be thrusting into the man of your dreams.
  2. The masturbation sleeves are convenient and easy to keep on hand for when you are horny.
  3. The fleshlight gay masturbation sleeves are not as quick and easy as just your hand but it feels so much better.
  4. Lube is the key to having the best experience with the fleshlights, add more lube and have more fun.
  5. Fleshlights provide the tight sexy sensation that no other gay masturbation aid can.
  6. Not just a novelty, these sexy easy to use toys quickly become part of your everyday sex routines.
  7. So much better than just your hand!
  8. With many twists and turns on the inside of the sleeve,

Online Shopping for Gay Masturbation Sleeves

We stock a great range of gay sex toys including gay sleeve masturbators such as fleshlights. They range in style and size so you can pick which one suits your best. Many of the Fleshlights are made specifically for gay guys with a nice tight ass for you to plunge your cock into. Some have extra features and some are simple and sexy.