Anal Gay Toys Are Amazing – Here Are Some Ways to Stretch Your Ass

The best gay sex shop online stocks a great variety of anal gay toys that can be used to enhance your pleasure, and to make every gay sex experience even more amazing.

But while using sex toys is fun, having a pain in the ass isn’t. To avoid ending up with a painful butthole, you need to do some anal stretching exercises in preparation for penetration. You can stretch your ass on your own or ask your partner to assist you.

What’s Anal Stretching?

Anal stretching is the method of gradually working your way up through the insertion of objects that become progressively larger as your sphincter muscles relax and dilate. Once you’ve trained your ass to be receptive, it will no longer feel painfully uncomfortable when you play with your latest anal gay sex toy purchase. Bottoming can also become a whole new ball game, when you stretch your anus to comfortably accommodate your lover’s rock-hard penis.

During anal training, it’s helpful to mentally connect with your butthole, as you physically squeeze and release the sphincter muscles. And don’t forget to always use plenty of good quality lube, before gently inserting anything in your backdoor.

Prepping For Anal Stretching

To prepare for anal stretching, it’s highly recommended that you visit the bathroom to ensure that your asshole is clean.

To minimise the mess, you can use an anal douche to clean out your back passage.

Stretching Your Ass

It’s best to start off with a smooth and small butt plug that is tapered for comfort. Make sure it has a handle, so that it doesn’t disappear up your hole.

Be generous with the lube, especially if you’re an anal novice. But don’t be tempted to use an anal numbing lube, so that you’re more comfortable. It’s essential that you’re able to feel the sensations in your hole that indicate that you’re ready to try a larger sized butt plug.

Butt Plugs & Anal Toys

It’s fun to experiment with different size butt plugs, and anal sex toys that have different textures.

Never force the stretching simply because you’re impatient to have anal sex. Training your ass to take it like a man requires patience and regular practice. Allow your body to adjust and relax after every anal stretching session. Between 2-3 days of rest is generally sufficient, before you continue your anal stretching regime.

If you experience any extreme pain or bleeding during anal stretching, stop what you’re doing immediately. Anal stretching is all about getting your butthole accustomed to mild discomfort and shouldn’t result in an emergency dash to a hospital.