A Quick Guide to Caging Your Gay Lover

Widely used in BDSM clubs and dungeons, the cage is an essential piece of furniture and equipment for your domination/submission gay fetish kink.

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As a Master shopping at his favourite gay sex shop, you’ll want to ensure that your Servant is comfortably accommodated when receiving his punishment.  If you want to cage your lover, here are a few things you should know:

The Cage Basics

Typically made of metal, BDSM cages are mostly rectangular in shape, and are high and wide enough to accommodate a person on all fours. When secured inside, your submissive should be able to lie curled up, or to remain in a crouched seated position.

You can also get longer, multi-purpose cages that are made to accommodate more than one person at a time. These cages often feature a head hole and leather padding. Customised circular or coffin shaped cages that offer tighter confinement are also available.

Cage Versatility

The cage is one of the most versatile furniture items that you will find in a well-stocked bondage dungeon. The cage can be used for punishments and training, and also pet play. They also provide a resting place for a tired and over stimulated submissive to take shelter.

As the Master, you can caress, prod, and poke the confined sub with fingers and other body parts, with sex toys like a small paddle or a leather flogger, or with electric shocking implements. Your submissive can be handcuffed and chained, or tied up with bondage ropes, and be clothed or naked.

Cage Safety & Maintenance

When engaged in any form of BDSM or fetish play, safety is of high importance. The locks on your cage should therefore be fully functional, and easy for you to open to free the sub quickly in case of an emergency. Regular checks of the cage are recommended, to ensure that there are no metalwork faults that could cause injury.

All impact play that takes place inside the cage should be closely monitored for safety.  Use clear communication during fetish play. If the sub is gagged or restrained, pay attention to their body language, so that you can spot signs that you need to release them. Check that restraints are not causing serious problems to circulation.

When fetish play is over, always wipe down the cage and equipment you have used, so that it’s primed and ready for the next punishment session.

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