Do You Know All of Your Condom Choices?

Having the right condom is essential to having great gay sex. Luckily there are many, many different types of condoms now available varying in size, texture, colour, flavour, lubrication, and styles!

While the condoms promoted and marketed to the anal sex market may not be huge, you just have to be condom savvy when reading the labels to find ones suitable for hot anal play. The best condom for anal sex just doesn’t exist because you have to find the right condom for you. We all like what we like but with many different types of condoms available even if not marketed specifically for anal sex you will find a one you feel comfortable and sexy in.

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From extra thin condoms to one’s sized specifically for you, to flavoured, ribbed, dotted, and a whole host of other options, you will find the condoms you need for great, safe, gay sex in our online gay sex toy shop.

Condoms are a now a mainstay for those who love anal sex not only for the protections against STD’s but also as a physical barrier against any anal play accidents.

Different Types of Condoms

For those of you looking to have great safe Gay Sex here is a quick overview of some different types of Condoms for you to consider:

Regular Latex Condoms – These mainstay protectors are probably the most common type of condom used, widely available (and often given away for free) great for just getting down and dirty with a sexy horny man. Remember if you are using latex condoms then check your lube – as you can’t use an oil-based lubricant, keep to water or silicon based. For those men for whom Latex is a problem (we do feel sorry for you, latex can be such a sexy material)! Latex allergies are easily combatted with these great gay condoms made from polyurethane.

Textured Condoms – If you want some extra sensations, then look out for condoms that include a little extra texture on the sheath. This can come in the form of dots, ribbing or other raised areas in a variety of styles and themes. There are also condoms that have not only texture on the outside to pleasure the ‘bottom’ but also texture on the inside to add extra pleasure to the ‘top’. Look out for weird shape condoms with internal ridges or humps to increase pleasure and friction.

Flavoured Condoms – These tasty condoms come in a huge range of flavours for those of you who love to give head. Whether it is just a little lip teasing or full hard cock deep throating you can now do it with the flavour of your choice. Many flavours, and new ones coming out all the time include, cola, strawberry, bananas, chocolate, and even savoury tastes are catered for!

Other Condom Types – For those men who are very well endowed, XL Condoms and XXL condoms are available – these are sometimes called Magnum Condoms – great name! Coloured condoms are also becoming increasingly popular – forget matching your skin tone (although you can now find condoms in many different skin colours) and move on over to bright condoms, from pastels to neon colours are becoming cool – who knew! Other quirky creations like glow in the dark or odd shaped condoms are available but be sure they are to be used for sex not just novelty use.

And finally, for those of you who like it rough make sure you get extra strong condoms – these are great for Gay Sex as they are probably the most durable for anal sex and also as they are thicker, they can make you last longer and enjoy your safe sex more!