How to a Have a Sexy & Safe Breath Play Experience

The scope of the BDSM world is a wide-ranging one which encompasses all sorts of kinks and sexual preferences from the very tame to the more extreme and unusual. Breath play sits more towards the unusual group because it’s more extreme than most people are comfortable with. But ultimately, it’s whatever floats your boat.

BDSM Gay Sex Toys

As a Gay Sex Toy Online Shop, we sell a huge array of both vanilla and BDSM inspired gay sex toys so we know people have a huge range of sexual kinks and we encourage you to find yours! Here is a quick overview of breath play and how to ensure you have a sexy and safe experience.

Gay Sex and Breath Play

So, if you want to try out, or indulge yourself in, some breath play, it’s important to take a little more care to ensure everyone is comfortable and happy with all the activities and it must be done with a partner you know well and trust.

What is ‘breath play’?

It’s also known as ‘sexual hanging’. To put it in blunt medical terms, the idea behind this breath play sex game is to induce feelings of exhilaration and light headedness which, when combined with an already sexually charged scenario, can push your orgasm to stratospheric levels. This is not a new idea; it can be traced back to the 16th century when it was first noted that a hanged man could have an erection at the point of death, and sometimes ejaculate. An enduring idea is usually a good one!

How can I control the breath play?

It’s done through various different means, some of the most popular are:

  • Simple breath holding
  • Nose pinching
  • Queening/Kinging, which is where you cover your partner’s face with your genitals
  • Straightforward hood
  •  Plastic wrap
  •  By physical choking or hanging
  • Applying simple pressure on the chest (known as ‘corseting’)

All of the above can slide you into a demi-world of glorious, sexual pleasure. Imagine your partner’s hand over your face, in direct control of whether you breathe or not. Imagine being cuffed and hooded, with every sense deprived and knowing that you’re relying on someone else for your vital oxygen.

How do I do this safely?

First of all – your environment. You must always carry out breath play in a safe space; somewhere that you’re familiar with, and which has the appropriate fetish equipment to enable it. Of course, with a sex game like ensure you have signals to let your play partner know if you need a rest. It’s never a good idea to do this alone because you will have no safety net should things go wrong. Stick to the rules and you’ll have a breath-taking time!