Better Bottoming Tips

Being a bottom can be a mind-blowing sexual experience and one that when done well is possible one of the best experiences you will ever have but it can take a little bit of practice to get right and creating your own routine to ensure you have a great experience every single time is probably the best advice you will get.

Gay Sex Toys for Bottoming

We have a range of toys that will help you explore how amazing being a bottom can be and you can find them all here: Bottoming is amazing so here are our tips for being a better bottom.

Practice Makes Perfect

This may seem like an obvious one, but the more bottoming you do the better you will get. No one is perfect on their first go and finding what works for you will take time and practice. The great thing about practicing is that it is so pleasurable to do. If you have never bottomed before then make sure you tell your partner that so they can take it a bit slower until you are ready for a real pounding. Don’t worry, start slow and work up to the most amazing pleasure of being a bottom!

Create a Cleaning Routine

Some men simply know when they are good to go, for most men however ensuring they are clean and ready to be pounded without the fear of a messy end is very important and helps them relax and enjoy the whole experience. Cleaning with a douching bulb or enema is preferred by some men, if you do this take it slow until you are used to it, other men just use the shower to clean with water letting the water run in and then out again.

Train Your Ass

If you are a complete beginner to bottoming, then you may want to spend some alone time with a few different sized anal toys to get used to the experience of having something up there. Having a variety of anal toys in different sizes also lets you train your ass to be able to accept larger and larger toys in preparation for the nice hard cocks that you want it to take.

Lube is important

Do not underestimate the value of a good lubricant. Experiment with many different brands until you find the one that is perfect for you and works just the way you want it too. Not too slimy, but just enough to let the cocks slide in is what you are looking for. As every man is different their favourite lube is different too.

Enjoy your Bottoming Experience

Working with your top is the best way to have the best bottoming experience, it is not true that bottoms can’t be dominant so check with your top to see how he likes it and work together to have the best most mind-blowing anal sex imaginable.