Why Gay Men Love Impact Play

Impact play is a highly popular and fun fetish that can be fulfilled easily with a willing partner. There is a lot to be said about whips, paddles, and the other items which can be used either by you or on you as a gay sex toy shop, we have a great selection of impact toys for you to choose from.

Spanking Sex Toys

Fun spanking toys can be incorporated into a highly visual, and erotic experience. Of course, things like whipping get specific reactions and like everything good, it takes a little time and practice to learn how to crack the whip just at the just the right strength and place.

Why we love a Whip

There are many types of whips on the market, the bullwhip, the snake-whip, and the dragon whip, to name a few – but one of our current favourites is the flicker whip. A flicker whip is easy to use, and gives you more control, due to its flexibility. Of course, whips need to be used in the correct manner to be effective, and whether you are after that stinging, burning feeling, or a deep, gratifying “thwack!” of impact, either way, it depends on your technique, as well as your whip.

Paddle Play Sex Toys

When it comes to the use of paddles with your favourite shemale escort, there are far more options to choose from, as you are not restrained by size and room. On the whole, smaller paddles yield a greater sting, yet a larger paddle will deliver a satiating “thud” sound! A paddle is far easier to control than, say, a whip, so it is far easier to gauge their perfect punishment. Imagine your sexy trans escort making you count aloud while she spanks you with ever harder effort and increasingly large paddles.

Positions with Impact

Here however are a couple of tips on better spanking positions generally. For example, bending is better than lying down – it accords a better view of the buttocks and back; but you can also give the inner thighs, genitals, and chest some attention whilst using a paddle in the sitting position, whereas standing may be better when employing the likes of whips and riding crops.

Gay Sex and Impact Play

Whatever you choose to play with, whether it is just a little spanking with hands or you go all out and have an assortment of whips and paddles to play with remember that you should always start slowly. Not only does this increase the sexual tension with the receiver begging for more, but it also lets the body acclimatise to the impact and associated pain so you can properly judge how far you want to go. Remember safe words and if you are doing impact blag along with bondage be sure to check in with your partner regularly to check they are comfortable and want to continue.