Home Dungeon Sex Toy Ideas

It’s dungeon time! Maybe you’ve moved to a bigger house and you have a spare room to donate to your sexual pleasure. Maybe you’ve moved out of home for the first time and you want to indulge your innermost sexual desires in your very own home. Or maybe someone’s moved out and now you have the space that you’ve secretly been craving.

Gay Sex Toys for your Home Dungeon

It’s the perfect chance to set up your very own home dungeon and remember it doesn’t have to be a whole room. A bedroom can easily become a dungeon with a few accessories kept in a box under the bed and only unleashed when you are feeling really kinky.

The definition of a home dungeon

There’s no one size fits all, you can create your perfect dungeon however you like according to the space you have. It’s your personal area where you can indulge your innermost, naughty, sexual desires. And once you have this sorted out, it’s time to think about what you need to put in your home dungeon.

Your options are: gay sex toys and/or specialised BDSM furniture (more about that later) created especially for sexual pleasure. Other smaller, accoutrements that you could pick include a selection of fetish underwear. If you have a wardrobe down there, you could fill it with thongs, jocks and briefs.

Deciding on which gay sex toys that you need kind of depends on who you will be welcoming into your dungeon. Is it a spoiled brat in need of discipline? Is it a skilled rope bunny? Whoever your guests will be, there are some gay sex toys that you just can’t live without.

  1. A range of ropes and bondage toys. One of the most exciting things about having a home dungeon is that you can tie your chosen willing partner up for as long as you want! Ropes or bondage toys can be on hand for a simple tie to the bed or a complicated hog tie.
  2. If the space can stretch to it, then a cage is a great idea. Specially designed human cages are perfect for locking up your naughty pup who needs to be trained, or it can also be used for your slave when you feel like a bit of a break.
  3. Blindfolds – These are an underrated but a very fun sex toy to have in a dungeon. Taking away sight is a sensual tool for arousal and they look pretty amazing too!
  4. A range of dildo’s – If you are looking to have great anal sex and experience all the pleasures anal sex has to offer then a range of dildoes in different sizes, shapes and made from a range of materials is essential for a well-equipped gay home dungeon.
  5. You’ll also need a few essential items to make the most of your dungeon. Whips, cuffs, chains, chastity cages, masks, hoods, blindfolds, ball gags – a selection of these should give you all the implements of torture that you desire.