How to Have a Sex Positive Attitude

Sex should be something to celebrate, it should be something we all enjoy and feel good about, it should always be a positive experience. But often, sex can be shrouded in mystery, shame and guilt and this is not a healthy approach for our bodies or our minds. We will take a look here at how we can have a more positive attitude to sex and how great sex can be had without guilt or shame.

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What does it mean to be ‘Sex Positive’

It is quite simple really, to think about sex in a positive way, to understand sex as a positive action and to promote sex in a positive light. Having an open and informed attitude to sex, to try and develop healthy sex habits and create healthy sexual relationships that work for us as individuals. These positive attitudes towards a very simple human function that most of humanity have a need to do is in complete contradiction to the historical stigma attached to sex and gay sex in particular.

Sex Positive Mindset Options

Being sex positive takes time and needs an adjustment in both how we see ourselves and how we see others in relation to sex. It is a mindset change so here are a few ways you can adjust your mindset to being more happy, healthy, and content with your sexuality and your sex life.

No Judgement Sex – Not everyone likes what you like, sexual preferences, fetishes and how we like to have sex differs enormously from person to person and will also change depending on the partner you are with. So be clear, about what you like, be open to trying new things and if its not for you, that’s fine – just move on.

Safe Sex is Important – A change in mindset is to not fear your sexual health, make safe sex part of the fun and get tested for anything and everything you may think or fear that you have. Uncertainty created fear and that will influence how you feel about sex over the long term.

Find out what you like – If you have not explored different options how do you know what you like? Once you know what you like it is easier and more fulfilling to then find sexual partners who can accommodate your needs. Tops find bottoms, subs find doms etc, this leads to great sex conversations and fulfilling sexual encounters.

Confidence is Sexy – Remember that confidence is often the most sexy thing about a person so if you know what you are looking for in a sex partner and say no to those that don’t fulfil your requirements (Or you don’t fulfil theirs) you will be much more attractive to the people you are trying to find. Holding out for the right sexual partner has its benefits.