How To Enjoy a Spanking Fetish

Receiving or giving spanking is a really fun and intimate sexual experience that many men love. Spanking is a really common fetish, and it can come in many different forms and of course severity. From light spanking with a hand during sex to a full BDSM experience where you are tied up and spanked with a range of implements and you love it!

Spanking – Yes Please!

So, when we say spanking, there are many ways to have fun and indulge in spanking fetish even if you don’t have a current partner. If you are enjoying a spanking fetish with a partner, then be sure to put into place great safety and communication tools so you can have the best time without breaking the mood. Safe words are a great way to do this.

Spanking Escorts

There are many great escorts out there who specialise in spanking and other BDSM areas so if you don’t want to worry about having to reciprocate a fetish then choosing an escort is the best way to get exactly what you have been dreaming of. Gay Escorts and Trans Escorts are there for you and you alone, you can tell them exactly what you are looking for and they will make sure you have the best spanking experience of your life.

Spanking Equipment

Sometimes it is just the noise that the spanking implement that gets your really hard, that whip or thwack can make you horny, horny, horny. There are a host of different toys and implements to choose from including a range of paddles or whips. You can also include spanking games into your sexy spanking experience, perhaps you have to meet at certain amount of challenges or you are spanked, you have to complete tasks, or you are spanked, so you can choose how much you pass or fail and then how much punishment you receive as part of the sexy spanking game.

Of course, for many people hard core BDSM spanking is what really makes them horny, but you need to make sure you work up to this and desensitise yourself over time. So, if you are a novice spanker or spankee be gentle, because you can always work up to things, don’t go in too hard and too fast as it may put you off for further experiences. Escorts are the perfect way to grow with your spanking fetish as they can tease and push you just to the edge of what you can handle, and you will love them for it.

Buy Spanking Toys Online

You can find the best range of spanking toys from the best gay sex toy online shop at There are a huge range of sexy leather paddles to choose form, or if you prefer there are some unique and unusual whips and floggers depending on how you like to be spanked.