Gay Kinks and Fetishes – and What Toys to Buy For Them

Have you been watching gay porn and seen something that you like that your partner or regular sex partners don’t want to try with you. It can be a common problem, as an online gay sex toy shop we get questions about all sorts of gay sex and we try to give the very best answers. So for the best gay sex toys available online visit and for some advice on common gay sex fetishes read on below.

Common Gay Fetish Questions

Have you ever tried fisting – something that many men wonder about and perhaps want to try but can be a little worried about is fisting. An amazing experience for some but trying to find someone who either wants to give or receive can be a little tricky, and like all fetishes or sexual desires you have to have the courage to ask.

Can I find someone to mummify me? – A more complex gay sex fetish and one that is very difficult to do on your own. Being wrapped up and having all your senses deprived while you are in the hands of someone else takes trust and safe words (or actions) and someone who enjoys doing the wrapping on the other end. There are also a lot of toys with this one, including vac beds and bags that can be used to make the wrapping easier and quicker for everyone involved.

Where do I go to have a threesome – a very common question, as for many men having a threesome is such a great fantasy and as it is so achievable why not ask for it on a gay forum. Having a man penetrate you while you penetrate another man is an experience like no other. It is finding the men and the places to go which can be problematic, some saunas and sex clubs have special nights or rooms for this. Many men also have a gang bang fantasy so finding a group of men willing to dominate and explore you completely with their bodies is also an exciting thing to ask for – so ask and you will find!

Are gay escorts discrete? – Many men worry that if they spend time with a gay escort they will be discovered as they may not be out to their family or friends but do still want to have satisfying sex. It may also be that they are straight and just want to try gay sex. The answer is of course gay escorts are discrete, pick a neutral place away from where any one may see you and you have nothing to worry about.