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The Differences Between Silicone and Water-Based Lube

Not all lubes are the same! I repeat, Not all lube are the same! You may thing that’s silly, but its’ not and it can be crucial in having enjoyable sex and play time and you destroying your gay sex toys, so pay attention at the back! Shop online for gay sex toy lube here. […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Shibari Rope Bondage

Shibari, also known as Japanese rope bondage, is an intricate and beautiful form of bondage that has captivated many for its combination of artistry, intimacy, and eroticism. For gay men, shibari can be a particularly rewarding practice, offering both physical and emotional connections with their partners. This guide will introduce you to the basics of […]

A Guide to Anal Stretching for Gay Men: Enhancing Your Sex Life Safely

So you want to take bigger cock? Or maybe bigger toys, but you don’t know where to begin? Look no further, this article covers everything you’ll need to know, you’ll be able to take the biggest anal sex toys before you know it. Anal Stretching For Gay Sex Toys Anal stretching is a practice embraced […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Gay Sex Toys

For gay guys, exploring the world of sex toys can be an exciting way to enhance intimacy, discover new pleasures, and add variety to their sexual experiences. Whether you’re looking to spice up solo play or bring new dynamics into your partnered sex life, understanding the different types of sex toys available and how to […]

The Best Gay Sex Toys for Every Experience Level

From a novice and first time explorer, to the seasoned pro, there’s a new sex toys out there for you to try, so lets take a look at our recommendations for what you should put on your shopping list next. Exploring gay sex toys can be a thrilling journey, whether you’re a newcomer or a […]

How to Clean and Care for Your Gay Sex Toys

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for some fun with your favourite sex toy, only to fid that its not working, so here’s how we can ensure that doesn’t happen with good maintenance and cleaning. Maintaining the cleanliness and proper care of gay sex toys is not only crucial for your health and hygiene but […]

Top Trends in Gay Sex Toys for 2024

So, what’s hot and not this year in the world of gay sex toys? What’s going to be top of your shopping list this year, what’s the must have new toy or innovation in the world of gay sex toys? Lets dive in and find out! The world of gay sex toys is dynamic and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Gay Sex Toy

It may seem like nothing to most of us, it’s just buying a sex toy right? But, we all started somewhere and we all have to take the plunge and buy our first and for some, that experience can be very daunting. What do you buy? What do you want or like? How does it […]

Realistic or Non? How Do You Prefer Your Dildos?

How do you like your dildos? Do you have a preference? We know that people like a certain length or girth, but what about shape and colour and feel, do you want to get as close to a real cock as possible, or as far away from it as you can? Let’s explore some of […]

Do You Enjoy Masks and Hoods for BDSM Play?

Theres nothing hotter than slipping into a leather or latex hood, covering your face and removing your senses, waiting for your partner to take control and fulfil your desires. Trust us, its amazing, sensory deprivation is a delicious way to add some spice to your sex life and hoods and masks are perfect for the […]

Ultimate Pleasure: The Prostate and Anal Sex

We all know that anal sex is the best and there’s nothing better than having your ass filled to bursting, but have you ever wondered why? Why is it that your favourite gay sex toys are all but plugs and dildo an anal beads? What makes anal sex so special? It’s the prostate! Lets find […]

Travelling With Sex Toys – The Do’s and Dont’s

Everyone loves their sex toys, why wouldn’t they with amazing ranges of sex toys for gay men, right? But can you take them on holiday with you or when you travel for business? Sure thing, why not you say, but think again. Travelling with sex toys can be risky, depending on where you’re going to […]

What is Sensory Play and Why You Should Try It

Gay sex is great, but it can be better. Adding new experiences to your sex life is always fun and why not try something new, like sensory play. Sensory play is amazing for gay guys and is a perfect addition if you’re playing with sexy toys, especial some BDSM gay sex toys. What is sensory […]

Do you splosh? Everything you need to know about WAM play

Ever want to cover yourself in custard and then get down and dirty with your partner? Want to cover him in chocolate cake and lick it of his chest? Then you may have a WAM kink and sploshing may just be your thing, lets have a look at the WAM kink and how you can […]

Great Gay Sex Toys that Go Together Perfectly

Ok, using one sex toy can be fabulous and amazing and add much needed spice to your sex life, but have you considered using more than one? Pairing your sex toys together can unlock a new dimension in pleasure, and why would you not want to experience as much pleasure as possible? We know that […]

How Gay Sex Toys Can Bring You Closer Together

Sometimes sex can be a hard part in a relationship, some couple struggle with being intimate together and this can put a strain on their relationship and cause problems. Gay sex toys can help, they can help bring you closer together and help unlock sexual desires that you can share and use as a foundation […]

Gay Kinks and Fetishes – and What Toys to Buy For Them

Have you been watching gay porn and seen something that you like that your partner or regular sex partners don’t want to try with you. It can be a common problem, as an online gay sex toy shop we get questions about all sorts of gay sex and we try to give the very best […]

If you’re going to use a cock ring, why not use a vibrating one!

Ok, so you may o may have not used a cock ring before but you’re probably, most certainly heard of them and have seen them in gay sex toys shops. Cock rings are amazing, and for gay guys there are the must have gay sex toy, a basic toy to have and keep in your […]

Butt Plugs or Dildos – what’s your pleasure?

For some it’s an easy choice to make, you already have a favourite and it’s a case of which butt plug or which dildo is best for you. But for others, its not an easy choice, you may be new to anal play or wanting to change thing sup in the bedroom. Lets have a […]

Why Wand Vibrators Are Still Number One

Ok so, everyone loves a good vibrator right? I mean no self-respecting horny guy would have a sex toy collection without one surely? Yes, dildos and plugs are great gay sex toys, but, a good vibrator can add that extra special dimension to your pleasure time, and lets be honest, a wand vibrator is just […]