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ToyJoy Get Real 7 Inch Dong
Treat yourself to the ‘Get Real’ 7-inch penis dong.  Nice black balls to play with. TOYJOY is the brand for colourful, trendy, affordable intimate toys. The brand has various qualitative collections for a perfect match!

Better Bottoming Tips

Being a bottom can be a mind-blowing sexual experience and one that when done well is possible one of the best experiences you will ever have but it can take a little bit of practice to get right and creating your own routine to ensure you have a great experience every single time is probably […]

Weird Kinky Sex Fetishes!

Exploring your sexuality has never been more exciting, online porn and sex positive writers are making headway when it comes to liberating our desires and showing us things we had no idea we liked until we saw them online! Kinky Gay Sex Toys Kinks and fetishes have been around as long as humans have been […]

How to Break Out of the Vanilla Gay Sex Routine

Not all gay sex has to be kinky! Not everyone is looking to be a master or a slave, not all men want to dress up for sexual fantasy games. Gay Sex Toys Shop Vanilla gay sex is the antithesis of this, relaxed mainstream sex positions that simply gratify. What’s wrong with vanilla sex? Absolutely […]

Have You Played with Inflatable Gay Sex Toys?

Gay Sex Toys are made to be played with, and their invention and excitement have simply grown over the year into more and more amazing items. One of the biggest areas of growth is from the inflatable sections of the sex toy shop as more and more men discover the delights of feeling well and […]

Most Requested Gay Sex Toys

Ensuring you are sexually satisfied is good for both your physical and mental health and good gay sex toys can go a long way to sexual satisfaction. www.allgaytoys.com is the best and biggest gay toys sex shop online and we stock everything you could think of for some amazing gay sex experiences. On a recent […]

Why Cock and Penis Pumps are Great for Gay Sex

There are two main reasons to use a penis pump in gay sex, one is to help you get and keep an erection and the other is to make the erection you do have, harder and stronger. Penis pumps are a common tool used by many men, and the reasons above can also be interchangeable. […]

How to a Have a Sexy & Safe Breath Play Experience

The scope of the BDSM world is a wide-ranging one which encompasses all sorts of kinks and sexual preferences from the very tame to the more extreme and unusual. Breath play sits more towards the unusual group because it’s more extreme than most people are comfortable with. But ultimately, it’s whatever floats your boat. BDSM […]

Why Every Man Should Own a Prostate Massager

Prostate stimulation is a joyous experience and if you have never had a prostate massager then we truly encourage you to get one as the orgasms are intense and explosive, ever by yourself! Gay Sex Toy Shop Online We stock a huge range of gay sex toys at www.allgaytoys.com but one of the most popular […]

How to Stop the Gag Reflex and Give Great Head!

The difference between good head and great head or blow job and blow joy, is the skill and experience of the person giving the head. Many men worry that taking that cock deep in their threat will cause a gag reflex, a reflex they don’t like or that they worry will make them look like […]

The Evolution of Gay Sex Toys

Buying gay sex toys online is an easy and fun way to get all the sex toys you need, quicky, efficiently and discretely! And the history of gay sex toys does go back some time in history – we would imagine from the first-time men realised how pleasurable it was to push something nice and […]

What are the Best-Selling Gay Sex Toys?

It will be no surprise to gay men that the bestselling item on the best gay sex toy shop is Lubricant! Whatever you are doing, whatever your kink or pleasure it is likely that a great lube will make it better, more pleasurable, or sexier. Some of the most popular gay sex lubricants sold on […]

Ways to Have More Gay Sex This Year

Gay Sex is an important part of life and if you are unfulfilled sexually, it can make life difficult and unfulfilled. Gay sex toys are a great way to spice up your sex life, either going solo or finding a partner to have more gay sex fun with. Gay Sex Toys You can find the […]

An Overview of Gay BDSM

We Love a bit of bondage, and stock everything you need for a real session at our online gay sex toy shop! Whether you are looking for BDSM sex toys or just some lube to make your play sessions that bit smoother we have the gay sex toys for you! BDSM Gay Sex Toys If […]

Fun Bedroom Gay Sex Games

Maybe you already have some sex games picked out, or maybe you need some inspiration. Whichever way, a night of playing sex games with your gay sex partner is something to schedule into your agenda. If you need equipment, condoms, or lube to help make this a night to remember you can buy everything you […]

Gay Sex Basics – The Best Positions to Get Your Started

Whether you’re an experienced Daddy Bear, twinkie newbie or just a curious cat, everyone knows that there is a plethora of gay sex positions to try. Most of them are etched on the walls of Pyramids in Egypt, they’ve been around for so long, but that does not mean they should be ignored. Here are […]

Why We Love Gay Vibrators

Having a soft and sensual vibrator move against your body is something that every gay man should enjoy, and with a huge range of options available, everyone should be able to find their favourite vibrating sex toy. Gay Sex Toys Available Online Here is a small selection of options available to get you started, but […]

Do you like Gay Sex in the Shower?

Gay sex is great just about anywhere, but have you tried it in the shower? Perhaps you have seen some steamy shower scene in a movie or in a porn film and you thought it looked great. Do you like the idea of having hot steamy water flowing over you while a strong man’s hands […]

Klismaphilia and Gay Sex Toys

Kinky anal play comes in all forms and one of the most common kinks, that becomes common practice for many men is the use of enemas and douching before anal play. If this turns you on as an activity on its own, then this is a fetish all by itself and not just a practical […]

Do You Know All of Your Condom Choices?

Having the right condom is essential to having great gay sex. Luckily there are many, many different types of condoms now available varying in size, texture, colour, flavour, lubrication, and styles! While the condoms promoted and marketed to the anal sex market may not be huge, you just have to be condom savvy when reading […]

How To Play with Dildos for Men

Gay sex with a dildo is pure joy! Whether you are by yourself or with a partner every gay man should have at least one dildo and know how to pleasure himself with it! Gay Sex Toys Online We stock a great range of gay dildos, from simple 7-inch cock replicas to double cocks, monster […]