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An Overview of Gay BDSM

We Love a bit of bondage, and stock everything you need for a real session at our online gay sex toy shop! Whether you are looking for BDSM sex toys or just some lube to make your play sessions that bit smoother we have the gay sex toys for you! BDSM Gay Sex Toys If […]

Fun Bedroom Gay Sex Games

Maybe you already have some sex games picked out, or maybe you need some inspiration. Whichever way, a night of playing sex games with your gay sex partner is something to schedule into your agenda. If you need equipment, condoms, or lube to help make this a night to remember you can buy everything you […]

Gay Sex Basics – The Best Positions to Get Your Started

Whether you’re an experienced Daddy Bear, twinkie newbie or just a curious cat, everyone knows that there is a plethora of gay sex positions to try. Most of them are etched on the walls of Pyramids in Egypt, they’ve been around for so long, but that does not mean they should be ignored. Here are […]

Why We Love Gay Vibrators

Having a soft and sensual vibrator move against your body is something that every gay man should enjoy, and with a huge range of options available, everyone should be able to find their favourite vibrating sex toy. Gay Sex Toys Available Online Here is a small selection of options available to get you started, but […]

Do you like Gay Sex in the Shower?

Gay sex is great just about anywhere, but have you tried it in the shower? Perhaps you have seen some steamy shower scene in a movie or in a porn film and you thought it looked great. Do you like the idea of having hot steamy water flowing over you while a strong man’s hands […]

Klismaphilia and Gay Sex Toys

Kinky anal play comes in all forms and one of the most common kinks, that becomes common practice for many men is the use of enemas and douching before anal play. If this turns you on as an activity on its own, then this is a fetish all by itself and not just a practical […]

Do You Know All of Your Condom Choices?

Having the right condom is essential to having great gay sex. Luckily there are many, many different types of condoms now available varying in size, texture, colour, flavour, lubrication, and styles! While the condoms promoted and marketed to the anal sex market may not be huge, you just have to be condom savvy when reading […]

How To Play with Dildos for Men

Gay sex with a dildo is pure joy! Whether you are by yourself or with a partner every gay man should have at least one dildo and know how to pleasure himself with it! Gay Sex Toys Online We stock a great range of gay dildos, from simple 7-inch cock replicas to double cocks, monster […]

Does Too Much Porn Spoil Your Gay Sex Life?

Gay Porn is amazing but are you watching it too much and it is impacting your sex life in a negative rather than a positive way? Watching porn instead of having great fulfilling gay sex can be a problem and one of the best ways to enhance a sex life that you may think of […]

Sex Toys to Help Large Cocks!

Having a large penis may be the holy grail for many men when it comes to sex, but what if it is really big, really, really big? While in fantasy land the bigger the penis the better, there are some practical considerations of how much any ass can actually take! Online Gay Sex Toy Shop […]

Spring Time Sex Toys

The weather is warming up and spring has finally sprung, and our sex lives are coming out of the winter and ready to try new things and have more fun. Spring is a great time to refresh and revaluate if you are getting the great gay sex, you deserve and if not, perhaps what new […]

Simple Gay Sex Toys for Greater Pleasure

Gay Sex toys have become more and more elaborate as the years have gone on. Vibrating toys, pounding toys, inflatable toys, remote control toys are all exciting and have great novelty value but there is something quite freeing about going back to basics and using sex toys and accessories that have been used forever – […]

How to Ask for the Kinky Gay Sex You Have Always Wanted

If browsing through a gay sex toy shop like www.allgaytoys.com you might start to think about the kinky sex that you’re not having, that you could be having with some of the amazing gay sex toys on our amazing gay sex toy shop. You just have to know how to ask for it! Online Gay […]

Gay Masturbator Toys We Love

Self-care and self-love are a huge part of having a fulfilling and exciting gay sex life. Masturbating forms part of many mens’ sexual routine whether or not they have a partner and we have some of the best masturbator gay sex toys to make masturbation something to look forward to. You can find a huge […]

Great Gay Sex Tips

Gay Sex Toys are so much fun, we often can’t decide which is our favourite. But as we try out all the different gay sex toys on our gay toy shop website www.allgaytoys.com we have come across some great tips, that make our gay sex lives amazing! Gay Sex Toy Shop

Spice up Your Sex Life with Gay Sex Toys!

Whether you use sex toys alone, or with your partner, they can elevate your libido and introduce you to mind-blowing erotic sensations that you may not otherwise be able to experience without their assistance. Spice up your Gay Sex Life with toys from www.allgaytoys.com Gay Sex Toy Shop

Don’t Cum Too Quick! Ways To Slow Down & Enjoy Gay Sex

Slowing down and enjoying each other really is a delicious art form. Stop racing for orgasm and slow down to ser how great gay sex can really be! As a perpetually horny gay guy you’ll appreciate that a quickie certainly has its perks. Slowing down the pace, however, allows you to enjoy a sexual experience […]

Gay Sex Toys for Your Dungeon

Have you always dreamed of having your own gay sex dungeon? Whether big or small, a whole room or just a small box a sex dungeon it truly a pleasure. Maybe you’ve moved to a bigger house, and you have a spare room to donate to your sexual pleasure. Maybe you’ve moved out of home […]

Discovering Fisting and Other Gay Fetishes

Have you been watching gay porn and seen something that you like that your partner or regular sex partners don’t want to try with you. It can be a common problem, as an online gay sex toy shop we get questions about all sorts of gay sex and we try to give the very best […]

Gay Sex Collars & Other Gay Sex Clothing

We sell a great range of BDSM gay sex toys and gay sex clothing at www.allgaytoys.com so if you are looking for something kinky then you know where to find it! Playing subs and doms is such a fun game for committed and casual gay couples alike, it should definitely be something you want to […]