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HunkyJunk Slingshot 3 Ring Teardrop Cock Ring
Its a sling but each ring stretches independently and is also shaped to fit. It’s a hybrid cock sling designed with the comfort of the wearer always in mind. Our plus silicone TPR silicone blend feels smooth and warm velvety like silicone, strong and stretchy.

A Quick Guide to Caging Your Gay Lover

Widely used in BDSM clubs and dungeons, the cage is an essential piece of furniture and equipment for your domination/submission gay fetish kink. Gay Sex Toy Shop As a Master shopping at his favourite gay sex shop, you’ll want to ensure that your Servant is comfortably accommodated when receiving his punishment.  If you want to […]

How To Have a Fantastic Flogging Session

Flogging (or flagellation, as it’s also known) should be an enjoyable kinky sex practice for the giver and the receiver. If you and your lover are keen to try flogging, you’ll need to start by visiting your favourite gay sex toy shop, to find the perfect flogger for you.

How To Have Fun with A Penis Pump Gay Sex Toy

One of the easiest and quickest ways to boost the length and girth of your dick is to use a penis pump gay sex toy. This non-evasive device is highly effective at super-sizing the proportions of your manhood, so that you can enjoy great sex that lasts longer. Whether you want to improve the overall […]

Want To Know More About Pegging & Anal Hooks?

If you’re a gay sex toy connoisseur who’s keen to try out exciting new devices, to spice up your sex life, you can easily upgrade your anal sex game by trying pegging and anal hooks. Online Gay Sex Toy Shop

Anal Gay Toys Are Amazing – Here Are Some Ways to Stretch Your Ass

The best gay sex shop online stocks a great variety of anal gay toys that can be used to enhance your pleasure, and to make every gay sex experience even more amazing. But while using sex toys is fun, having a pain in the ass isn’t. To avoid ending up with a painful butthole, you […]

Get More Out of Gay Sex When You Slow It Down

Whilst getting your rocks off during quickie sex is high on the priority list for many gay men, there are a lot more benefits to enjoying sex with your lover, when you take your time and slow it down. You’ll have plenty of time to experiment with all of the anal toys you’ve purchased at […]

Explosive Orgasms – How to Hit Your Prostate with a Sex Toy

Regardless of whether you’re an anal novice or a pro, you’ll undoubtedly want to experience an orgasm that is mind-blowing and explosive. Hitting your prostate sweet spot with a gay sex toy is the easiest and quickest way to achieve P-spot stimulation, and the climax that you’ve dreamed of.

How To Have Fun with A Penis Pump Gay Sex Toy

The next time that you’re visiting your favourite online gay sex shop, check out the sex toy that every gay man should own… Although originally invented (back in 1870) to help men overcome erectile dysfunction and bent penis problems, the penis pump has technologically developed and advanced over time and is now a must-have male […]

Our Picks – The Best Gay Anal Toys

There is nothing quite as pleasurable as anal sex, except perhaps anal sex with a gorgeous man and a few fun gay sex toys! All Gay Toys is the best gay sex toy website anywhere and we know how anal sex toys can enhance and excite average anal sex to greatness!

How to Choose Your First Gay Sex Toy

One of the best decisions you will ever make is to buy your first gay sex toy. There is something so exciting about looking through all the options available and then finding the perfect gay sex toy that will fit into your perfect gay sex fantasy or will meet your kinky needs.

Why is Lube so Important in Gay Sex

Lubrication is important for sex in general, but it is even more important when it comes to gay sex. Lube is a gay man’s best friend when it comes to exciting and easy sliding gay sex, but lube can come in a few different types and can be used in different ways. Anal sex is […]

Why Guys Love Fleshlights

Fleshlights is a popular brand name for a nifty little gay sex toy often described as a masturbation sleeve for the penis. They are a little odd to look at but as they are one of the most popular sex toys for men available, their looks shouldn’t put you off enjoying their pleasure!

Five Top Toys for Great Gay Sex

We all know how important sex is to a fulfilled life and how important it is to keep sex feeling fresh and exciting when you are in a gay relationship. No one wants to be bored by sex and this is where gay sex toys can really help bring some excitement back to the bedroom.

Cock Ring Tips for Maximum Pleasure

While there is a ton of options (including pills) that can help your dick stay hard for longer, there is a safer and easier solution available in a gay sex toy shop. Whether you need some help staying harder or simply want to experience your cock being as hard as it has ever been, a […]

How To Stay Connected in A Long-Distance Gay Relationship

The famous poetic quote “absence makes the heart grow fonder” will definitely resonate with you, if you’re a guy in a loving, long distance gay relationship. Working on your relationship, when absence and miles are keeping you apart, requires dedication, and a commitment to staying connected. Focusing on communication, and sharing experiences, will help you […]

What Is Your Favourite Type of Gay Kissing?

We love gay sex, and so it follows that we love gay sex toys, however we know that in addition to great gay sex toys, you need to get some of the basics about gay sex right so in this blog we are looking at the very sexy and much underrated kiss.

Why Aftercare Is Important If You Are Into BDSM

We love BDSM, we stock a lot or great BDSM toys and equipment, all you need to bring is your imagination and a nice hard cock! One of the things we have discovered about using BDSM sex toys is that aftercare after every erotic session is very important. Regardless of whether you’re a Dom or […]

Did You Know Sexting Can Improve Your IRL Gay Sex Life?

Communicating what you want and need in a relationship doesn’t come easy for a lot of people. Men tend to find it challenging to communicate the thought that is in their head, into words that are spoken out loud. We know that sex toys are a great way to encourage conversation between partners, to let […]

How to Get Better at Making Eye Contact During Gay Sex

The upside of looking deep into your partner’s eyes, when you are in the throes of passion, can greatly intensify the intimate sexual experience for the both of you. The downside of this direct eye-to-eye contact though, is that it can also make you feel extremely vulnerable.

Romance Is Not Dead – Being Romantic with Your Boyfriend

Although we are a sex toy shop, we do love a bit of romance! Whether you’re a roses and chocolates type of romantic or a big fat butt plug type of romantic, you have to admit the best gay sex is with someone who makes your hear flutter.