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Our Picks – The Best Gay Anal Toys

There is nothing quite as pleasurable as anal sex, except perhaps anal sex with a gorgeous man and a few fun gay sex toys! All Gay Toys is the best gay sex toy website anywhere and we know how anal sex toys can enhance and excite average anal sex to greatness!

How to Choose Your First Gay Sex Toy

One of the best decisions you will ever make is to buy your first gay sex toy. There is something so exciting about looking through all the options available and then finding the perfect gay sex toy that will fit into your perfect gay sex fantasy or will meet your kinky needs.

Why is Lube so Important in Gay Sex

Lubrication is important for sex in general, but it is even more important when it comes to gay sex. Lube is a gay man’s best friend when it comes to exciting and easy sliding gay sex, but lube can come in a few different types and can be used in different ways. Anal sex is […]

Why Guys Love Fleshlights

Fleshlights is a popular brand name for a nifty little gay sex toy often described as a masturbation sleeve for the penis. They are a little odd to look at but as they are one of the most popular sex toys for men available, their looks shouldn’t put you off enjoying their pleasure!

Five Top Toys for Great Gay Sex

We all know how important sex is to a fulfilled life and how important it is to keep sex feeling fresh and exciting when you are in a gay relationship. No one wants to be bored by sex and this is where gay sex toys can really help bring some excitement back to the bedroom.

Cock Ring Tips for Maximum Pleasure

While there is a ton of options (including pills) that can help your dick stay hard for longer, there is a safer and easier solution available in a gay sex toy shop. Whether you need some help staying harder or simply want to experience your cock being as hard as it has ever been, a […]

How To Stay Connected in A Long-Distance Gay Relationship

The famous poetic quote “absence makes the heart grow fonder” will definitely resonate with you, if you’re a guy in a loving, long distance gay relationship. Working on your relationship, when absence and miles are keeping you apart, requires dedication, and a commitment to staying connected. Focusing on communication, and sharing experiences, will help you […]

What Is Your Favourite Type of Gay Kissing?

We love gay sex, and so it follows that we love gay sex toys, however we know that in addition to great gay sex toys, you need to get some of the basics about gay sex right so in this blog we are looking at the very sexy and much underrated kiss.

Why Aftercare Is Important If You Are Into BDSM

We love BDSM, we stock a lot or great BDSM toys and equipment, all you need to bring is your imagination and a nice hard cock! One of the things we have discovered about using BDSM sex toys is that aftercare after every erotic session is very important. Regardless of whether you’re a Dom or […]

Did You Know Sexting Can Improve Your IRL Gay Sex Life?

Communicating what you want and need in a relationship doesn’t come easy for a lot of people. Men tend to find it challenging to communicate the thought that is in their head, into words that are spoken out loud. We know that sex toys are a great way to encourage conversation between partners, to let […]

How to Get Better at Making Eye Contact During Gay Sex

The upside of looking deep into your partner’s eyes, when you are in the throes of passion, can greatly intensify the intimate sexual experience for the both of you. The downside of this direct eye-to-eye contact though, is that it can also make you feel extremely vulnerable.

Romance Is Not Dead – Being Romantic with Your Boyfriend

Although we are a sex toy shop, we do love a bit of romance! Whether you’re a roses and chocolates type of romantic or a big fat butt plug type of romantic, you have to admit the best gay sex is with someone who makes your hear flutter.

Top Gay Cities we are Dreaming of Visiting after Lockdown

With lockdown easing and travel opportunities looking possible in the near future (Fingers crossed) we have listed below some of the best gay cities in the world we have been dreaming of visiting once we are able to do so.

Are Gay Sex Fantasies Better than the Reality?

It’s the age-old question, are the amazing Gay Sex fantasies that you imagine in your daydreams (or night-dreams!) better than the act itself? Well like most things in life the answer is – it depends!!

Fun Movie Gay Sex Scenes to Replicate at Home

One of the best ways to enjoy good gay sex is to play and experiment at home, and some of the best gay sex scenes in movies are a fun way to expand your gay sex life. Add in some of the great gay sex toys sold on www.allgaytoys.com and you have a few explosive […]

Gay Sex Questions You Were Afraid to Ask!

Gay Sex is amazing, and as a gay sex toy shop, we know how fulfilling it can be to have amazing sex and amazing orgasms! However, there are some questions about gay sex many of us are a little shy to ask. So here are some of the most common gay sex questions and some […]

Lubes for Every Occasion – How To Reduce The Friction In Your Sex Life!

The most important gay sex toy for any and every man is great lube! Without lube, gay sex would be a bit more challenging, and no where near as much fun! This great sexy product lets everything just slip and slide easily and quickly, letting men push deeper and harder for the best gay sex […]

Top Gay Sex Tips for Busy Couples – Keep the Sexy Spark Even When You’re Busy

Sometimes the most complicated part of having a great gay sex life is simply finding the time to have the sex! Busy gay couples with careers, family lives and busy social schedules sometimes need to have a reboot when it comes to having great gay sex. Whether the answer is simply to find more time […]

A Quick Cock Ring Buying Guide – Get the Perfect Ring for Your Cock

Simple and effective, a sex toy no gay man should be without – that is how a cock ring is described! But of course, there is so much more to it than that and so different types of cock rings, if you have never had one before you may not know where to start. Even […]

A Beginners Guide to Gay Sex Toys – All You Need To Know

We love gay sex toys, but for the uninitiated, they perhaps can be a little intimidating. This quick beginner’s guide to gay sex toys will guide you through the different types of gay sex toys that you can buy on www.allgaytoys.com and talk you through the basics on building your own sexy toy box!

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