My.Size 69mm Condom 10 Pack

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MY.SIZE is the condom brand that comes in seven sizes from 47mm to 69mm width. With MY.SIZE you will find your perfect fitting condom for a comfortable and safe feeling. MY.SIZE condoms offer easy unrolling and a perfect fit. Try our penis measuring tape, to find the condom size that fits you best. MY.SIZE condoms are available in 7 different sizes which fit on nearly every penis size. More feeling. The width of a condom is most important for the feeling. Using the right MY.SIZE condom offers you a greater feeling. Easy unrolling. Unrolling a MY.SIZE condom, compared to many other condom brands, is easier because less force is needed. More safety. Using the correct MY.SIZE condom, you feel safer, because the condoms has an optimum fit. The condom can not slip off and does not squeeze. Premium quality. All MY.SIZE condoms are manufactured by R and ampS consumer goods GmbH, Munich, Germany according to the quality standard EN ISO 40742002. RandS has a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for design, production and distribution of condoms. Perfect condom size? The perfect size is the size which makes you feel best. A larger sized condom is offering more comfort. But also a smaller condom can support your sexual feeling. Important is, that you feel comfortable with the condom and the condom does not slip off. Several studies have shown, that standard condoms for many men are too tight or too wide. This causes less safety and less comfort. To find your best fit MY.SIZE condom you can use our measuring tape to find out the circumference of your penis. MY.SIZE 47 is recommended for a penis circumference of 9,5 to 10 cm MY.SIZE 49 is recommended for a penis circumference of 10 to 11 cm MY.SIZE 53 is recommended for a penis circumference of 11 to 11,5 cm MY.SIZE 57 is recommended for a penis circumference of 11,5 to 12 cm MY.SIZE 60 is recommended for a penis circumference of 12 to 13 cm MY.SIZE 64 is recommended for a penis circumference of 13 to 14 cm MY.SIZE 69 is recommended for a penis circumference of 14 to 15 cm
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